Daryll caught the first and was so shocked he almost dropped her, he grinned as she held on tightly. Gabriel caught the second.


It took around two minutes for all of the angels to come down poor Dawn had around nine of them clinging desperately to him the rest had around four or five each Gabriel struggled to land gracefully and Daryll gave up around five feet from the floor and crashed.

“Okay,” Dawn said loudly, “I know you’re all injured, some more than others” he said looking at Daryll who was helping the angels stand back up their wings dripped blood onto the sand “those who think they can walk please do” Dawn added “anyone think they can’t?” he called there were no takers.


It was slow going walking across the wasteland, towards the house. Dawn dropped back to keep an eye on the angels and to speak to Gabriel.

“You okay?” he said quietly Gabriel nodded he had his eye on a black haired angel near the front of the group.

“Where are they all going to stay?” Gabriel asked “we don’t have that many rooms”

“Its okay Amelia’s gone to speak to Amarantine, but they should be able to stay in the music room for a few days while he sorts them out, they shouldn’t be much of a problem the daemons are arriving tomorrow so there will be plenty of materials up here to get houses sorted for them” Dawn watched Gabriel's gaze, as he watched the angel. “Gabriel, don’t forget how much you’ve changed he may not even recognize you, for him it’s been years since he last saw you” Gabriel nodded

“I know, but he promised”

“Promised what?”

“He told me a long time ago that he would always find me” Dawn didn’t say a word.


Back at the house it was chaos, Dawn had sectioned the angels off and Gabriel and his brothers all had angels to clean up and explain everything to, most of the angels remembered him and his brothers and now it seemed definitely trusted him more than Aura, the ones that were concerned about the daemons were sent Dawn's way. Gabriel finished talking to the blonde angel in front of him, and she stood up and smiled sadly at him before moving away. Gabriel stopped as he spotted the next one he swallowed and hoped for the best.

“Hey Raoul” he smiled, the angel stared at him.

“Gabriel?” he said quietly, Gabriel nodded and Raoul ran, leaving the house quickly Gabriel stood to follow him but his legs wouldn’t go he sank back down into his seat. From the other side of the room Dawn watched as he cleaned bloody feathers.

“Hang on” he said nicely to the angel, the angel who was next stepped up

“I’ll do it” he said, Dawn smiled he missed the angels way of thinking; even if you were hurt you helped the angel next to you. He crossed the room to Gabriel.

“Go, I’ll finish here and come and help you search” Dawn whispered. Gabriel shook his head

“No” he said coldly “if he wants to come back he will” Gabriel stood up and walked straight backed, and shut his bedroom door closing off the noise and confusion downstairs.


A few hours later the angels were settled in the music room and Dawn on Sylver's advice, had waited a little while before going up to see Gabriel.


 He knocked quietly and pushed the door open, the room was dark Dawn walked in an closed the door he moved quietly and pulled the curtain back on Gabriel's bed, a hint of panic hit him when he saw the bed was empty. He pushed Gabriel's bathroom door open turning the light on, but he wasn’t there he turned and in the dim light spilling from the bathroom he noticed the claw marks on the wall.

The End

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