The SacrificeMature

Amelia walked in a few moments later,

“Sire?” she said she had a note of urgency in her voice, Dawn turned to look at her.


“We have a problem” Dawn left Gabriel to speak with Amelia outside the room. Gabriel turned to look back out of the window thousands of daemons scurried below him, like ants. He sighed, Paradise had been like this once, before the war. He had personally exiled over a thousand angels and the result was that they had ended up here, making Dawn’s problems worse. He thought back to how subservient he had been, as had everyone else what Aura had said went, her word was law.


Dawn came back in a worried look on his face,

“Gabriel, we have to get back to the Midway” he said quickly,

“Why, what’s happened?”  Dawn hesitated

“Your mother” he said reluctantly, Gabriel's blood turned to ice, Dawn added quickly “don’t worry the others are fine, but there’s this” he handed Gabriel a sheet of paper. It had a list of around forty names.

“What’s this?” Dawn looked at Gabriel sadly,

“Auras having a ‘celebration’ that’s the list of the angels that will fall, they’re all the prisoners she has” Gabriel looked at the list again, scanning down the list his heart jumped


Raoul Raven


“When is this happening?” Gabriel growled

“At 12pm, paradise time.” Amelia said, Dawn looked at the watch on his wrist “I’ve already worked it out sire we have about 10 minutes”

“Come on” Dawn said he put an arm around Gabriel, “Amelia, get his brothers meet us under the cliff”

“Shall I try and get some of the daemons together?”

“there’s no time, we’ll have to manage”

“Yes sire” she vanished, Gabriel looked up at Dawn

“How are we getting…” he didn’t finish his sentence as they both disappeared in a flash of red.


“Back” Gabriel finished, he blinked shaking his head. Dawn still had hold of him, a good thing too, they were around 150 feet in the air.

“Wings out Gabriel” Dawn said Gabriel flapped his wings taking his own weight and Dawn let him go.

“Dawn while we’re here, can I ask you something?” Gabriel asked looking up, through the clouds they could just see the cliff edge, a shady silhouette.

“What is it?” Dawn was doing the same and examining the clouds above them.

“Why do you stare at me?” Gabriel said quickly, Dawn looked down at him a confused look on his face

“Do I?” Gabriel nodded, “well, I…don’t know really” Dawn said, “here come the others” he pointed and Gabriel turned he swore that he heard Dawn sigh behind him.

“What’s going on?” Sylver asked reaching them first. Dawn looked up.

“No time for that, just catch as many as you can” he watched as shadows moved above them, Gabriel swore loudly.

“They’re all coming down at the same time” Amelia stated the obvious.

Gabriel looked around at the others then back up and braced himself.

The End

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