The Underworld For RealMature

Gabriel's ears popped as they walked down another flight of stairs. Dawn led Gabriel into a room at the bottom.

“Look outside” he said, Gabriel did so, a massive city larger than the first one stretched out below him, “so, what do you think?” Gabriel put his hands on the windowsill and looked down he could see what looked like a marketplace, there were daemons everywhere.

“Its busy” he said, Dawn laughed bitterly

“Its too busy” he sighed “we’re running out of space, at least ten new daemons a day.” He turned away from the window, and Gabriel saw his shoulders hunch, “there are even families living in the palace. One family to each room, the foods running out too” Gabriel didn’t know what to say, so he looked back out of the window. “I hate cramming them in but I don’t have any other choice” Gabriel turned from the window.

“Dawn can I ask something?” he said his anger from earlier was gone, what was a stupid picture compared to this, Dawn nodded. “Are you planning anything?” Dawn looked puzzled

“Like what?”

“Well you’re moving daemons up to the midway, close to Paradise and its obviously not going to only be one or two” Gabriel thought about how to phrase the next part, but Dawn got there before him.

“You’re wondering if a takeover is on the books?” he asked

“Yeah” Gabriel said honestly

“No” Dawn said, “even if I wanted to I couldn’t send any of them to war, they wouldn’t last two minutes, that was even if we could get into Paradise which we can’t”

“Why?” Dawn laughed there was actually humour in his voice this time.

“You think someone like you’re mother is just going to sit up there unprotected? She may be a power hungry cow but she’s not stupid”

“Dawn?” Gabriel asked.


“Whats a cow?” Dawn laughed even harder.

The End

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