The Beginning of Question TimeMature

He moved quickly down the spiral staircase his boots making little noise on the worn stone steps. He reached the bottom quickly and emerged into a huge hall.


He stopped, looking around the hall was distressingly similar to the one in auras palace. Balthazar was around twenty feet away kneeling next to a huge chair, in it sat Dawn. Balthazar was babbling something as he dripped blood onto the floor. But Dawn wasn’t listening. he was talking to Amelia who stood on the other side of the chair her arm resting on the back of it. Gabriel moved forward and Dawn did a double take as he looked up and spotted him.

Balthazar stood at the same time Dawn did, the massive bleeding daemon rushed towards Gabriel.

“Stop” Dawn shouted, but Balthazar wasn’t listening, Gabriel moved fast to one side Balthazar tripped over Gabriel's foot and crashed head first into the stone floor, Gabriel looked down at him as blood began to spread across the floor. Then to Gabriel's surprise Dawn spun him round by his shoulders, he hadn’t heard the daemon moving behind him.

“Let go” Gabriel growled, but Dawn didn’t listen.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he shouted, but before Gabriel could reply Amelia had come over she put a hand on Dawn's arm.

“Sire” she calmly, Dawn looked at her then released Gabriel, turning away. Amelia winked at Gabriel then moved to Dawn's side as he walked back to his chair. She spoke softly to him and Gabriel stood still, waiting. Dawn looked up at Gabriel after a few moments. Again to the vampyres surprise, Dawn wasn’t angry. The daemon stood and walked back over to him,

“Are you hurt?” Dawn asked, Gabriel shook his head, he was a little achy he presumed that flying through the window earlier hadn’t helped that, but it was nothing to worry about.

“No” he said

“But you’re covered in blood” Dawn pointed out, he sounded more upset than anything else.

“Its not mine” Gabriel growled.

“Okay” Dawn sighed, “back to my first question, what are you doing here”

“I came to ask you about this” Gabriel pulled the now very crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and held it out for Dawn. He took the picture and unfolded it.

he swore “you weren’t meant to see this”

“I gathered” Gabriel snarled, “any explanation?”

“I like drawing” Dawn said simply,

“why me?” Gabriel said “why like that?” he looked away from Dawn.

“because I wanted to”

“when?” Gabriel said looking back at him.

“last night” Dawn mumbled,

“you told me you didn’t come in my room last night”

“No I said I didn’t come in while you were having your nightmare, I was actually in there before that” Gabriel couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You think that’s any better”

“Probably not” Dawn said “would it help if I said I was sorry?”


“Then what do I do to make it up to you?” Gabriel took his cigarettes from his pocket, then swore slightly as a blast of hot air hit him in the back coming from the doorway that led outside.

“What is the matter with the weather in this place?” he snapped,

“Up there the weather is a bit weird” Dawn said,

“A bit!! I only came down here because I nearly got frozen to the floor”

“And you’re damn lucky that you’re still alive, I only stick Balthazar up there because he’s a dick and he annoys me. The temperatures reach extremes up there, unfortunately Balthazar's worked the warning signals out and runs down here when its too bad” Dawn sighed.

“So where are the rest of the daemons?” Gabriel asked Dawn laughed

“Follow me” 

The End

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