A Fight in a Strange PlaceMature

Balthazar's sheer size made him slower than the vampyre Gabriel ducked back waiting for another mistake, the daemon was getting cocky, thinking that he was winning, until Gabriel lunged forward sinking his claws into Balthazar's wrist.  Blood sprayed up Gabriel’s arm landing on his face, Balthazar howled and pulled his arm back taking Gabriel with it, the vampyre crashed into a boarded up window in a house nearby.

The wood shattered under the impact and Gabriel landed on the floorboards in the lounge breathing heavily, dust flew up and into his eyes as he moved, trying to pick himself up. He tried to wipe the grit away as Balthazar came into the room via the broken window. the daemon was covered in blood and furious.

Gabriel scrambled away just in time as Balthazar's fist destroyed the old floorboards where Gabriel had been laying just moments before.  Gabriel lashed out with his claws opening a gash above Balthazar's right eye, then darted past him and climbed back outside. He stopped for breath a little way from the house, it was then he realized the temperature, his breath was coming out in clouds of white.

It was cold, very cold he could see ice crystals creeping over everything around him. he spun as Balthazar hauled himself out of the house behind him, the daemon was half blind the blood in his eyes made him stumble slightly. He moved faster than Gabriel would have thought possible, Gabriel braced himself but the daemon ran straight past him, back into the doorway that he had first stood up from, he disappeared inside.

Gabriel shivered, he looked down ice had started to form on his boots and his clothes. He swore then against his better judgement followed Balthazar through the door.     

The End

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