The Underworld?Mature

Gabriel flinched as a blast of hot air hit him in the face. he closed his eyes against it. Then tentatively looked out at the place he had landed in, the hot air had calmed enough for him to see a city of epic proportions, rock stretched out above him, it was a cavern that was simply impossible. stalagmites hung from the ceiling and a strage red light souce shone from somewhere giving the place an even eerier feel

He saw a massive house in the distance and knew that was where he had to get to.


Five minutes later Gabriel was confused, for a place that was so overcrowded the underworld seemed deserted. He moved through boarded up houses and had to pick his way carefully through over grown, but dead plants with nasty thorns.

What the hell was going on where was everyone. Gabriel had no idea, he carried on determined to find the daemon at the centre of the city.


He didn’t notice the daemon until he spoke, he sat perfectly still next to the massive gates of the palace at he centre of the deserted world.

“what do you want?” the daemon boomed, Gabriel spun round to face whoever was there and blanched slightly as the daemon stood he towered over Gabriel, at least seven foot tall, his arms were as thick as Gabriel’s entire body and probably as long.

Gabriel composed himself quickly, he had tackled worse that this creature.

“I’m here to see Dawn” he said loudly his voice echoed slightly.

“Really?” the daemon said his voice was disturbingly deep even for his large size, then much to Gabriel’s annoyance he laughed.

“What does a little runt like you want with his lordship?” Gabriel growled

“That’s my business not yours” he snapped,

“Well, I am the guardian of these gates. No one gets past me without proving themselves”

“Fair enough” Gabriel said he had taken the measure of this daemon whilst it was talking, “can I ask?” he said slowly, the daemon looked at him unsurely.

“What?” it rumbled

“How long since someone else tried to get through here?” the daemon laughed again

“Years, very few people use this route into the Underworld, and even fewer survive”  Gabriel, nodded

“One more thing?” he smiled

“Whats that?”

“Your name” he said, hoping his gamble would pay off, it did as the daemon stretched proudly up to full height.

“I am Balthazar, Dawn's personal…” he didn’t finish his sentence as Gabriel rammed into his stomach, Balthazar crumpled, and spat a mouthful of blood onto the dry parched ground,

“Now are you going to let me in?” Gabriel smiled again he could see the rage building in Balthazar's features, blood was smeared around his mouth.

“You’re a coward” he snarled

“Most probably” Gabriel said lightly, he ducked as one of the daemons huge fists swung towards him, the daemon swung his punch too far and Gabriel took the opportunity to land a hard blow onto the daemons chin, cursing slightly at his height Gabriel didn’t do much but give Balthazar mild whiplash, the daemon laughed and swung again. Gabriel jumped back, those hands were no joke if Balthazar caught him, he was in a lot of trouble.           

The End

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