Little Lies and Dangerous IdeasMature

Gabriel came downstairs the next morning his temper was short due to lack of sleep, he had his tracksuit top back on after giving up trying to do up the buttons on the shirt he wanted to wear that day.

He sat down and tugged a cigarette out of the packet with his teeth, then took a deep breath as he pulled out his lighter, trying to stay calm as he tried to light the irritating little device. Five minutes later he sat back breathing out smoke as he went, he heard the rustle of paper and frowned, sitting back up he reached down the side of the chair and pulled out a folded drawing pad. He remembered hearing paper during his little conversation with Dawn.

He put his cigarette in the ashtray, unfolded the pad and flipped the front cover up. A beautiful pencil drawing of the house met his eyes. He smiled and careful of his claws turned the page, a portrait of Daryll grinning, it was an almost perfect likeness.

He turned again and the smile dropped from his face, it was a picture of himself, fast asleep in his bed. He could see the deep scars that covered his torso and shoulders drawn in perfect detail. He growled and carefully pulled the sheet from the pad, trying not to rip it, he flicked through the rest of the pad to make sure Dawn had taken no more sneaky chances and went upstairs to get dressed.

Half an hour later and the pair of boots Amarantine had made for him were on his feet the metal plates in them protecting the soft leather from his clawed feet. He pulled his coat on then the ingenious gloves that Amarantine had left in his wardrobe, which made his hands look like they had five fingers that moved instead of three claws.

Gabriel folded the picture and tucked it carefully into his back pocket.


He had no idea how to contact Dawn when he wasn’t around, but he knew where Dawn said he would be and Gabriel would find him.  



Cassidy opened the door warily.

“Who is it?” he asked

“It’s Gabriel” Gabriel said sharply.

“Sorry, the masters’ not…”

“Let him in Cassidy” a voice came from behind the strange little creature, Cassidy gave Gabriel a filthy look then opened the door.

Gabriel stepped in, Amarantine was in a pair of silk pyjamas and a satin dressing gown all of a deep red colour. He looked pale but still stood as Gabriel entered.

“Gabriel,” he said “you’ll have to forgive me, I must sit” Amarantine sank back into his chair,

“Are you okay?” Gabriel asked his little problem forgotten for the moment. Amarantine waved a hand tiredly but dismissively

“Fine, I have a disease of the blood it’s not fatal but tends to catch me out occasionally” he said, “how are you and your family doing?” Gabriel nodded

“Yeah, they’re all doing pretty well”

“I’ve heard you’re letting Dawn bring some daemons up to live there too” again Gabriel nodded, “well be careful a few of them don’t seem to like you to much”

“Why not?” then Amarantine did something that Gabriel hadn’t expected he shrugged,

“I have no idea” he smiled “sorry to be rude Gabriel but I should go up to bed very soon, can I do something for you?” Gabriel’s mind flicked back to the folded paper in his pocket,

“I need to find Dawn” Amarantine raised his eyebrows slightly,

“He’s in the Underworld”

“I know” Gabriel sighed

“Well I can get you there. I just hope that Dawn's ready for it”

“For what?” Amarantine laughed weakly

“The telling off you’re going to give him”

“How did you know that?” Gabriel frowned

“The look on your face, the fact that you’re willing to go to the Underworld to find him, the fact that its Dawn, he always annoys everyone in the end."

“Oh, okay” Gabriel smiled, still not understanding  Amarantine pushed himself up.

“It’s probably going to be worse for you though” he said motioning for Gabriel to follow him down the hall

“How come?” Amarantine pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked a door at the end of the passageway, pulling it open.

“because, Dawn still likes you” Amarantine said he pointed outside, a swirling blue and purple smoke circle floated in the tiny postage stamp of a garden “you can get to the Underworld by using that” Gabriel looked at the portal and then at Amarantine,

“Why is that worse?” Gabriel asked "and what do you mean by still?" but Amarantine shook his head as he began to cough, Cassidy came up behind him and led Amarantine away. Gabriel turned and stepped into the swirling smoke.   

The End

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