Dawns promiseMature

Gabriel awoke suddenly, it was still dark. The after shocks of his nightmare made him shiver. He climbed out of bad and pulled a tracksuit top on zipping up the front and un-tucking his hair. He pulled a cigarette from his packet with his teeth and shoved the pack into his pocket, then trying to get his lighter to work he walked out of his room. The hallway was dark, he wandered along to the landing that hung over the lounge.

“You’re up late” a voice floated up from below making him jump slightly, he moved forward and looked over the edge. Dawn was sitting in one of the chairs looking up at him, a lit candle made his face look a little odd.

“So are you?” Gabriel turned and walked towards the stairs he heard the rustling of paper and looked at Dawn again.

“You alright?” Dawn smiled he leant forward as Gabriel sat down, Gabriel's cheekbones turned a slight pink,

“I’m fine” he replied,

“You were having a nightmare” Dawn said softly, Gabriel glared at him.

“You came in my room?” he said a note of annoyance in his voice, but Dawn shook his head.

“I heard you” Dawn shuffled to the edge of his seat holding out a lit lighter, Gabriel realized he still had the cigarette in his hand, Gabriel lit it and sat back.

“You heard me?” he questioned, Dawn nodded, Gabriel sighed.

“So what was it about?”

“I… can’t remember” Gabriel said looking at the burning ember on his cigarette,

“You’re not good at lying are you?” Dawn smiled, “I’m heading back to the underworld soon but I’ve got someone lined up to take over while I’m up here, so when the daemons get here I can keep an eye on them.” Gabriel smiled, glad the subject had been changed.

“Alright,” he said he lit a new cigarette off the old one then stubbed the old one out in the ashtray on the table. Dawn stood up,

“You’re stressed” he stated.

“Huh?” Gabriel said,

“You always smoke stupid amounts when you're stressed.” Gabriel frowned at him.

“I’m fine” he said, Dawn shrugged.

“like I said you’re crap at lying” he leant down to Gabriel putting a hand on the vampyres face, Gabriel’s eyes were cold and Dawn smiled at him, their faces were inches from each others, “I will figure you out you know I’ve not met anyone yet who I couldn’t” he stood up again and walked away pulling his coat from a small hook by the front door. “See you around, kid”

Gabriel turned to shout at him for the nickname but Dawn had gone leaving Gabriel alone with the smell of sulphur.

The End

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