Pissed politicsMature

Gabriel had another cigarette before heading in swearing loudly and viciously at the lighter as his claws refused to light it he sat for almost five minutes flicking the little wheel before it lit and he sighed calming down quickly as the smoke filled his lungs.


When he went inside a little while later there was an open bottle on the table in the lounge he could smell strong alcohol.

“Okay?” Sylver asked, Gabriel nodded

“The rule is” Daryll piped up “we’re getting drunk” he had a large grin on his face. Gabriel sat down heavily in an empty chair.

“Okay” he said, his voice was a monotone his mind elsewhere. Dawn looked up at him, the daemons face was serious. Gabriel waited for him to say something but he looked back down at the glass in his hand, just as Daryll refilled it. Sylver took the bottle from Daryll and filled a glass for Gabriel.

“Where did this even come from?” Maxwell asked his usually well spoken words were slightly slurred.

“Amarantine left it” Dawn said his voice was as quiet as Gabriel’s, Gabriel thought it was strange to hear such a gentle voice from Dawn's 6ft5 build. “A housewarming present” Gabriel finished his glass in one mouthful.

“So what do we do know?” he asked

“About mother?” Sylver asked, Gabriel nodded

“What can we do?” Daryll put in, “she’s a psycho.”

“She is not a psycho” Maxwell growled at Daryll, “she’s still our mother and deserves our respect”

“Why?” Daryll sniffed “it’s not like she shows us any is it?”

“Enough” Gabriel snapped, “All I’m saying is that if she decides to actually do something about us its not like we can stop her”

“She won’t” Maxwell said Gabriel looked at him, disbelief on his face
“Maxwell, the only ones of us that are vaguely safe are Daryll and Tairas. She wanted us three dead and we’re not and that will piss her off”

“Well I don’t agree, but I’m going to bed” Maxwell stood up, and tottered down the corridor to his room. Gabriel growled quietly to himself and Daryll poured him another drink.

“I’m off too” he said quietly, he stood and nearly dropped the bottle in Sylver’s lap as he tried to pass it to his brother.

“A conversation for tomorrow Gabriel” Sylver said putting the bottle on the table and leaving Dawn and Gabriel sitting there.

Gabriel stood up around five minutes later and Dawn put a hand on his arm.

“Gabriel” he said” “can I stay I don’t think me teleporting in this state is a good idea” he sounded like he was struggling to get all the words out.

“Why not?” Gabriel asked pulling out a cigarette.

“Last time, I had a drink on earth tried to go back home and ended up in midair and sort of crashed a bit.” Gabriel laughed

“Sure” Dawn smiled. “But…” Gabriel said, Dawn's face dropped, “only if you light this for me” Gabriel grinned holding the cigarette up           


The End

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