Little displays of power.Mature

Aura stood outside the house two angels at her sides in full battle armour their hand on the hilts of their swords. Gabriel and Sylver walked out Dawn followed quickly, Maxwell Tairas and Daryll already stood near their mother

“Ah” Aura smiled, but her cold eyes didn’t change, discreetly Dawn took hold of one of the belt loops on the back of Gabriel’s trousers.

“What do you want?” Gabriel snarled,

“Manners my son, manners” Auras smile grew wider and Gabriel saw the spark in her eyes leap to life, “I’ve come to see what my heathen sons are doing with themselves”  

 Gabriel stiffened,

“Let go” he hissed at Dawn, as the daemon tugged him back a step

“No chance” Dawn whispered back.

“So what do I do with all of you now?” Aura sneered, she looked past Gabriel

“Dawn” she acknowledged.

“Aura” Dawn replied disdainfully.

“Well I don’t think I’ll worry to much” Aura laughed “I mean you’re not much of a threat are you? All six of you” her tone was patronizing, Gabriel's fists clenched

“What’s the problem Gabriel” Aura looked at her eldest son, when he didn’t reply she laughed again then tuning away from them she vanished the guards followed suit.

Dawn let Gabriel go, stepping back he could almost feel the fury burning through Gabriel’s veins.

“Why didn’t you let me go?” Gabriel snapped at Dawn, Dawn looked at the fuming little vampyre.

“Because I didn’t fancy scraping you up with a shovel” he snapped back the ground vibrated beneath them. Gabriel turned away unfazed by the small power display he had seen better. He thought about what Dawn had said for a moment then realizing that the daemon was right, he sighed, Dawn moved up behind him,

“Here” he was calm again, he held an already lit cigarette over Gabriel’s shoulder, Dawn thought of smiling then quickly decided that he did not want a punch in the face.

 The other four moved back towards the house knowing the procedure too well, of leaving Gabriel alone when he was in a mood.

“Are you calm?” Dawn asked, Gabriel breathed out a lung full of smoke and nodded slowly, Dawn did smile this time despite himself, Gabriel frowned.

“You need to try and stay calm around her” Dawn said, Gabriel took a few seconds to register what Dawn had said.

“Excuse me?” he growled feeling the fire rise in his veins again,

“you heard me” Dawn squeezed Gabriel shoulder, I’d rather not have the duty of burying you” he walked away, he walked away leaving Gabriel standing alone.   

The End

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