A Little PrivacyMature

An hour later Gabriel stepped out of the steamy bathroom, a towel wrapped round his waist. His loose waist length hair dripping water onto the carpet. He pulled the wardrobe door open to find a clean shirt and caught his reflection  in the full length mirror inside the door. His reflection stared back at him, his eyes caught the mass of old scars and welts that crisscrossed his torso, the worst of which he was glad he couldn’t see they ran down his back and across his shoulders. He jumped as someone knocked at the door.

“hang on” he called pulling a shirt out at random, he tugged it on quickly his wings slipping easily into the slits in the back he reached round and sorted the thin strips of something Amarantine had called Velcro, to close the shirt under this wings. He un-tucked his hair grimacing at the now wet shirt against his skin, he did the buttons up as fast as claws would let him.

“Come in” he called out, as he pulled a pair of black jeans from the small wardrobe shelves. The door opened and Dawn came in

“Hey” he greeted, Gabriel frowned

“Do you ever go home anymore?” he asked

“Sure” Dawn said, Gabriel noticed that Dawn watched him as he walked across the room to the dressing screen in the corner.

“What did you want?” Gabriel said a sharp tone in his voice, Dawn didn’t act normally around him  and it was beginning to annoy him.

“Nothing” Dawn looked down at him feet

“Then what are you doing in here?”

“I just came to say the daemons should be arriving in about three days” Dawn's eyes flicked back up to meet Gabriel's.

“Okay” Gabriel waited for a moment for Dawn do something or say something more. “Do you mind?” he said, he held up the trousers in his hand and Dawn grinned,

“Sorry, see you later” he was back to normal again. Gabriel stared at the closed door for a while to make sure Dawn wouldn’t open it again. He sniffed and went behind the screen just in case.

‘Locks’ he thought to himself ‘I’m buying locks next time I go to earth’

Gabriel was laying on his bed when a knock on the door interrupted him, he was thinking how different dawn was around him. He growled quietly to himself and propped himself up on his elbows.

“What?” he shouted, Sylver pushed the door open.

“Sorry, but we have a visitor” 


The End

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