Dawn's strange behaviourMature

A few days later Gabriel was in the training room, he had been practising with Hyperion for three days now. Four hours into his training session and sweat was running down his face and the back of his neck. He didn’t stop as Dawn's red flash signalled the daemons arrival.

“Hi” Gabriel spun and Hyperion stopped an inch from the bridge of Dawn’s nose.

“Bloody hell” Dawn swore, “remind me never to piss you off at any point” Gabriel laughed dropping Hyperion to his side and wiping his forehead with the back of his hand.

“I came to tell you that Amarantine's fixed the water in the house” Dawn said he was breathing slightly heavily and gabriel noticed his eyes kept flicking to Hyperion's sharp blade “you actually have hot water now” he finished.

“Good I need a shower” Gabriel smiled he lay Hyperion over his shoulder and started to walk out.

“By the way” Dawn said Gabriel stopped and turned to look at him, “when is good for you, for the daemons to arrive?”

”what?” Gabriel asked

“I did ask you” Dawn said kindly.

“when are they coming?”

“that’s what I’m asking, when’s good for you?”

“I really don’t mind” he said

“well Amarantine said the sooner the better. He’s going away soon” Gabriel nodded

“okay, as long as they don’t destroy the tree population up here”

“they wont Amarantine will supply the building material”

“than its all fine” Dawn frowned at him

“and you?” he said

“what?” Gabriel said

“are you fine?” Dawn moved nearer to him

“I’m fine” Gabriel said unsure why Dawn was asking “ I just need a shower” he left the room quickly.

The End

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