The house has guests.Mature

A week passed and the house as just about finished. Amarantine had bought in more daemons to work over night when they could. there was even a small group to dismantle the small shack when the house was ready. Gabriel had watched them do so, a twinge of sadness tugged at him as his small home was destroyed.

Later that day he chose his room in the massive building that was now his home. He picked one at the front of the house the view being the reason sitting on his windowsill he had a spectacular view of the rolling hills and forests around them, he could see grey cliffs in the distance.

Sylver was a few doors down from him, empty rooms between them. Maxwell had chosen one of the four rooms that were downstairs.

Somehow Amarantine had managed to furnish each room already. Gabriel had an ornately carved four poster bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chest of drawers all made from dark almost black wood. A bracket had been hung on the wall for Hyperion and Gabriel hung her up carefully. He also had a dressing screen in one corner away from the window. He smiled and settled into the comfortable bed for the night.

Gabriel walked downstairs during the week the smell of paint and plaster had dulled and he only occasionally caught the smell as it wafted past. He stopped on the stairs as he saw Dawn, Maxwell and Sylver standing in the lounge with two angels.

“What the hell are you two doing here?” Gabriel said loudly, the smaller of the angels turned and grinned up at him, Gabriel smiled back.

Hey Gabriel” Daryll said happily the massive smile still on his face, “we left, mothers getting worse.” Daryll wrapped his arms around Gabriel when he got to the bottom of the stairs

“How do you mean?” Gabriel asked once his brother had let him go, Tairas inclined his head when Gabriel looked over at him “quiet as ever, Tairas” Gabriel smiled,

“Mothers interviewing every female in the city to see if anyone’s suitable for the throne” Daryll stated, Gabriel sat down in one of the armchairs.

“And?” he asked

“Nothing yet” Daryll sighed, Dawn lit a cigarette then threw the packet to Gabriel

“You’re getting better with those things” Sylver smiled as Gabriel used his teeth to pull a single cigarette from the packet. Swearing slightly, he tried to get the lighter lit his claws sliding off the little metal wheel. “Or not” Sylver laughed

“Here” Dawn took it from his hand, lighting it easily.

“Thanks” Gabriel muttered.

“Well I should be going,” the large daemon said, “nice seeing you all together again.” he smiled at Gabriel and the vampyre swore he saw a quick wink before the red flash blinded him for a second.

The End

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