Amarantine's surpriseMature

Near the small shack there were people everywhere, piling up huge stacks of bricks and cement bags.

“My Lord” one of the daemons barked as he spotted Dawn, he stopped standing to attention.

“Marin, what’s going on?” Dawn asked a frown creasing his face.

“Sire, Amarantine has commissioned us to build a house for one Gabriel Black-Lightning” Dawn nodded once.

“I want to see the plans” Dawn ordered, he looked down at Gabriel as the daemon scurried away “did you want to see them?” he asked all the harshness had vanished from his voice. Gabriel shook his head, regretting it instantly as the mild headache he had started to get pounded as if in protest.

“I think I need to sleep” he said, the euphoria from his kill had all but gone leaving a dragging tiredness behind. Dawn nodded and Gabriel turned and walked quickly to the small shack to see Maxwell and Sylver sat outside, they had glass bottles in their hands the red liquid staining the glass told him that Amarantine had been up and at least dropped them off. Gabriel looked around as if expecting to see Amarantine behind him. Maxwell’s injuries were just faint pink lines or yellow bruises now. He smiled slightly at the two vampyres and went into the cabin. Inside he folded up his coat and laid it carefully on the floor, and without even removing the ruined boots he fell asleep sitting up against the wall his wings spread out either side of him.


Gabriel awoke to muttering and whispering outside the open door. He opened his eyes and saw Dawn's back outside the door, Amarantine's voice floated in and Gabriel stood up stiffly and stretched the joints of his wings cracked slightly and Dawn turned to look at him.

“Good morning” he said cheerfully, Gabriel grumbled an incoherent response. “To you too, grumpy” Dawn laughed,

“Good morning Gabriel” Amarantine said a small smile on his face. Gabriel stepped outside squinting against the bright morning suns.


“Hi” he mumbled, he looked around and saw Sylver and Maxwell sitting by the lake talking. Gabriel’s head turned again and he saw a massive foundation being dug, over one hundred daemons scurried about working on it.


“I was just saying to Amarantine…” Dawn said behind him, “Gabriel?” the vampyre turned away from the building work and looked at him.

“Sorry?” he said, Amarantine smiled again,

“I was saying to Amarantine that you and your brothers are probably going to want a room to train in, so he’s made a few last minute changes to the design” Gabriel looked at Amarantine properly, he had a pencil tucked behind one ear, pulling his cigarette packet from his pocket, he looked down at the massive piece of paper held down by small rocks laying on the grass beside him.

“Okay” he said holding his cigarette between his teeth to talk, “I don’t see how I’m meant to pay for any of this though” he said honestly.

“You’re not” Amarantine stated, “you’re the first of a new species and heir to the throne in Paradise”

Gabriel frowned


“So a prince deserves a palace does he not?”

“I’m not a prince anymore” Gabriel said quietly, Amarantine laughed.

“Yes you are, that's not a title that goes away you know”

“I don’t care its not like I’m going to be taking over any time soon, is it?”

“If Aura dies, you won’t have a choice.”

“And as for the councils stupid rule about a female taking the throne, well that will go out of the window unless you have any children stashed away somewhere” Dawn put in, Gabriel didn’t reply as much as he didn’t like the idea he knew they were right. “Anyway,” Dawn said putting a hand on Gabriel's shoulder “these are the plans for the house. There’s fifteen bedrooms a lounge just inside the entrance and a training hall on one side an a music room on the other”

“Why do we need a music room?” Gabriel questioned,

“It balances the look of the house out” Amarantine said.

“Okay” Gabriel said slowly, this was all a little strange to him

“well the daemons should be no more than a week” Amarantine smiled, “then the plaster and paintwork needs to be done and you’ll have a new house fit for a prince”

“I don’t…” Gabriel began

“He says, thanks” Dawn interrupted loudly Gabriel glared at him and Dawn grinned.

The End

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