Dawn's proposalMature

Dawn and Gabriel walked through the streets of Brighton.

“You’re quiet” Dawn said looking down at the small vampyre beside him.

“I’m always quiet” Gabriel replied.

“You don’t have to be you know” Dawn held out a cigarette to him,

“People will see my hands”

“Nah, its about two in the morning, we’re out of the main town now. Anyone who is up will be too drunk to notice anything, the rest will be asleep” Dawn stopped to light his own cigarette and pass the other to Gabriel, cupping his hand around the already lit lighter Dawn offered it and Gabriel lit his.

“Thanks” Gabriel smiled slightly.

“So, what’s wrong?” Dawn said, they started walking again,

“When did I say something was wrong?”

“You didn’t, I’m just guessing that even an ex-general isn’t as quiet as you are without something being wrong” Gabriel glared at him as they began the climb up the steep hill that led to the Midway.

“I was just wondering what I do now” Gabriel said slowly, Dawn looked up at the cloudy sky, the rain hitting his face.

“Well,” he said cautiously, “I was going to ask if I could house a few daemons up on the Midway. The Underworlds getting a bit full thanks to your mother” Gabriel had stopped a few paces behind and was looking disbelievingly at him. Suddenly Dawn realized why and he laughed,

“Don’t panic, theyre not all bad and I would only bring the ones up that had a trade”  Gabriel thought about arguing but the thought of how lonely the Midway was, with just his two brothers for company and beat the disagreement down quickly, it had been one of the problems playing on his mind.

“okay” he said quietly he looked around to make sure they were alone then pulled his new coat of carefully, avoiding ripping the soft material, he laid it gently over his arm. Dawn did the same and they took off, flying together towards the Midway.

Gabriel landed just outside the crater, Dawn touched down next to him, surprisingly gracefully for his large size.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to fly back?” the daemon asked.

“I like to walk” Gabriel replied

“Okay” Dawn smiled.


The End

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