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Inside Amarantine's Dawn sat down again and Gabriel perched on the edge of a chair. Cassidy bought in two steaming mugs handing one to each of them Gabriel nodded his thanks. Dawn leant forward, as the strange, small creature disappeared back into the kitchen.

“Gabriel, you’ve got to actually speak to him, he’s blind”

“I may be blind Dawn but my hearing happens to be perfect” Cassidy shouted from the next room.

Gabriel sniggered and someone laughed beside him, he turned to see Amarantine next to him.

“Coat off” he smiled, Gabriel obliged and Dawn took the leather coat from him, “and take those ridiculous things off your hands.” Dawn helped Gabriel remove the mittens laughing silently. “you’re cruel Dawn” Amarantine pulled Gabriel's braid around for the angel to hold onto then he lay a long velvet coat over Gabriel’s shoulders. “let go” Amarantine said pulling the braid back round to its proper place. Gabriel balled up his fists to avoid tearing the sleeves as Amarantine helped him pull it on.

Gabriel turned on Amarantines instruction and saw a full length mirror Gabriel smiled the coat fitted tightly enough to show of the thin figure that he had but was loose enough to hide his wings. He stood a little straighter in front of the mirror his face unreadable

“its not brilliant” Amarantine said after a moment, “I made it quickly” Gabriel turned to look at him.

“its wonderful, thank you”

“you know, Am” Dawn said pushing himself out of the chair, “that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you blush. How much?” Gabriel realized what Dawn had asked and flinched slightly.

“but I…”Dawn put one hand up and the other in his pocket.

“don’t worry” he threw a roll of notes to Amarantine, “call it a gift”

Amarantine held the roll up

“Dawn, the coats only fifty” the daemon grinned

“I know but that should be enough to start the supplies off” Dawn looked at Gabriel for a moment his face blank then he shook his head as if to clear it, ”come on”

“by the way Gabriel,” Amarantine said “I thought you would want a name so I did a little research whilst you were out”

“huh?” Gabriel looked at him, confused.

“your physical needs put you closest to the mythical vampyres so I figured you should use that name instead of being an ex-angel, you’re certainly not a daemon, believe me that’s a good thing” Gabriel smiled

“come on” Dawn repeated, he pulled on the leather coat that he was carrying and steered Gabriel to the door. “see you later, Am” Dawn grinned

“goodbye Dawn, nice to finally meet you Gabriel” Amarantine shut his door and Gabriel shivered slightly and did up his new coat.             


The End

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