A bit of historyMature

An hour later the body dropped from Gabriel’s arms, the guilt he had felt overrun by the waves of euphoria his mind was spinning and he sat back. Dawn came up and gripped his arm pulling him up.

“Come on we don’t want to be here when they find him” he lifted Gabriel up and part carried him out of the alleyway. “I need coffee” Dawn said to himself he guided the seemingly inebriated angel to a small café nearby. He sat him down on a chair outside he made sure Gabriel’s wings were covered by the overlarge leather coat then headed inside.

On his return he saw Gabriel sitting back in the chair, his arms folded across his chest the long sleeves covered his clawed hands. A frown creased Gabriel’s face.

“What’s that look for?” Dawn asked setting two cups down on the table, Gabriel leaned forward slightly to look into the cup.

“What’s that?” he asked, Dawn smiled

“Its coffee, the life drink of the permanently exhausted” Gabriel looked at him then at the mug.

“I can’t” he stated, Dawn frowned.

“Why not?”

“My hands you told me to keep them covered” Dawn raised his eyebrows,

“true” he said “I got something for you while you were  feeding” he pulled a black pair of mittens from his pocket “hands out” he grinned, Gabriel sniffed disdainfully but did so and with amazing dexterity Dawn pushed the woollen atrocities on Gabriel’s hands and tucked them into his sleeves before anyone noticed. “See didn’t even rip one”

Gabriel looked at the woolly things that were wrapping his hands up and grimaced.

“Drink up” Dawn said pushing the mug closer to Gabriel. “And back to my original question; what’s that face for?”

“Nothing much” Gabriel frowned wrapping his hands around the hot mug, the heat seeped through slowly warming his hands, he relaxed a little.

“Let me guess” Dawn said slowly, "you’re wondering; what do I do now?”

“Something like that” Gabriel said looking into his cup, Dawn sighed

“Are you always this vague?” Dawn snapped his fingers near Gabriel’s head and the icy blue eyes snapped up to look at the daemon.

“Yes” Gabriel growled Dawn frowned.

“What rank were you?”

“Huh?” he asked before draining his mug,

“The army” Dawn said doing the same.

“How did you know that?”

“The rings in your ear” Dawn pointed, Gabriel brought his hand up to his right ear, but couldn’t even feel his ear let alone the seven small silver rings that ran down the shell to the lobe at the bottom. His mind flicked back, he had jumped before his mother had a chance to tear them out he’d seen it done to others before him.

“General” he muttered putting his hand back down. Dawn stood up.

“Come on” he smiled, Gabriel followed his balance perfect once more even in the awkward boots.

“Why do you ask?” Gabriel questioned following him in the direction of Amarantine's.

“I was just curious, it also explains why you seem to have the emotional range of a door” Dawn laughed.

“I do not” Dawn looked around at him, his silver hair was turning grey in the light rain that had started falling.

“Okay maybe not a door but its close enough” Gabriel huffed and stuck his hands in his pockets, Dawn smiled and put a friendly arm around his shoulders the daemon still grinning broadly.   

The End

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