“Gabriel, this is Amarantine” Dawn said a smile spread over his face, he and Amarantine embraced like old friends. Gabriel stiffened in his seat as the tall, elegant creature in front of him looked down a long nose at the angel, then offered a thin fingered hand to him and Gabriel took it careful of his claws and the mans soft flesh.


“Hello” Amarantine smiled, Gabriel shuddered slightly the mans voice made him think of melted chocolate. Amarantine gripped Gabriel’s hand facing the palm to the floor he examined the three lethally sharp claws. Then like he had done nothing he released Gabriel and turned to Dawn.

“What did you want?” he said, not unkindly, Dawn grinned.

 “Am, can’t I come and see an old friend of mine without wanting something” the daemon said sounding hurt, or so he thought. Amarantine raised thin eyebrows.

“No” he said simply, Gabriel sniggered and Dawn smiled at him.

“Okay, I’ve got a challenge for you”

“I’m listening” Amarantine sounded slightly interested now.

 “Gabriel and his brothers have moved into the midway and they need supplies, clothes and weapons and all that.

“And how is that a challenge?” Amarantine smiled

“We think they also need a supply of fresh blood” Dawn added

“Any type in particular?” Amarantine had a small notebook in his hand which he now opened and began to write.

“Human” Dawn said “Gabriel tried cow blood a few days ago and he wasn’t too well afterwards, we’re trying human tonight” Amarantine nodded not appearing shocked or even disgusted by this bit of information.

“And weapons?” he questioned.

“Preferably bladed, lightweight” Dawn said, he had sat back in his chair and had his eyes shut as he spoke.

“Clothes” Amarantine said this wasn’t a question he turned to Gabriel “up” he said, the angel stood slowly. “Coat off” Gabriel looked at Dawn who was watching with mild interest, the daemon nodded. Gabriel slid off the overlarge coat and Amarantine threw it at Dawn. “Pay attention boy” Amarantine said as the coat landed in his lap the collar smacked the side of his face.

“What?” Dawn said irritated, sorting the coat so it was the right way up. 

“Don’t give this beautiful creature a coat that makes him look like a kid in his dads clothes okay” Gabriel snorted at the vague compliment and Dawn flushed slightly,

“I couldn’t find my old one” the daemon mumbled, he sat back the coat neatly over his lap.

“Can you stretch your right wing out please” again it wasn’t a question, Gabriel obeyed. Amarantine pulled a tape measure across various parts of him, jotting down notes in his little book. "Okay, give me an hour or so” he said suddenly Dawn stood up and gave Gabriel back the leather coat reluctantly he pulled it on, as Amarantine settled at a desk in the corner.

“Come on” Dawn said pushing him toward the door.

“Where now?” Gabriel asked Dawn just smiled.     

The End

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