Brighton on a Friday nightMature

Brighton town was heaving with people, Gabriel moved closer to Dawn as they walked unsure of what to do with himself. Dawn on the other hand just pushed past people and told Gabriel to stick close behind him.

“Where are we going?” Gabriel asked loudly.

“To see an old friend” Gabriel stumbled slightly and his clawed feet gripped the inside of the boots, he swore again and Dawn dropped back.

“What’s up?”

“I think I’ve ruined your boots” Dawn shrugged

“I can get more” he smiled.

A thin blonde in a large open jacket, a sparkly top and tight jeans sidled up to them

“Hi boys” she grinned, looking at Gabriel. Dawn gripped the angels shoulder

“Back off sweetheart” he spat, the woman looked at him, “he can get laid without paying for it” the daemon steered Gabriel away and down a dark alley, as the woman swore loudly at them.

“What was all that about?” Gabriel asked, retrieving his arm from Dawn's grip.

“Nothing to worry about, you’ll get used to the way some humans are” he stopped and Gabriel looked around the dingy, dirty alleyway. Graffiti covered the walls and there was rubbish and mess everywhere. He avoided a flooded drain, stepping up onto the pavement as Dawn knocked on a small door set in the wall nearby, Gabriel looked up and down the alley it was the only door in the tiny street.

“Dawn…” Gabriel started quietly when the little door opened a few inches, a pair of white eyes peered out

“Yes?” a small but forceful voice said.

“It’s me, Cass” Dawn sighed the creatures eyes swivelled toward Gabriel “and Amarantine wanted to meet Gabriel” the creature in the doorway stayed still for a moment longer then stepped back pulling the all the way back. Dawn pushed Gabriel ahead of him and then followed ducking his head to avoid the door frame.

“Please sit, he will be down in a moment” the small creature said before disappearing into the kitchen. Gabriel sat perched on the edge of a small wooden chair, whilst Dawn lounged back in an armchair by the front windows.

“So you finally got here then” a voice beside him made Gabriel turn sharply.

“Yeah, I know its been a while” Dawn drawled sounding bored, he stood up and Gabriel saw a figure slowly walking down the stairs.



The End

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