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“Where the hell are we supposed to get blood from?” Gabriel questioned trying not to sound annoyed, Amelia looked at him.

“If you go west of here you'll come to a large crater go down the middle of it and you'll reach earth” she grinned “whatever you do don’t just jump”

“Why?” she sniggered

“Ask Dawn” she walked away and waved disappearing slowly.


Dawn reappeared that evening with a heavy package for Gabriel.

“It’s for your little trip” he smiled then vanished again.



The next day the suns were vaguely in sync and started to sink together, Gabriel wriggled his clawed feet inside the heavy leather boots that had been in the bag, along with a thick leather trench coat. He swung the jacket around him and sighed when the shoulders slipped down and the sleeves slid over his hands. He looked around then slipped away from the little shack where Sylver sat fussing over Maxwell.

Walking quickly as the cold air bit into him he stuffed his hands into the pockets of the coat and swore to himself as his new claws tore through the material inside the pockets.


He looked down cautiously, the crater was massive. At its centre was a drop and below it rolled clouds. Gabriel could smell acrid fumes; he would later realize that this was the smell of thousands of cars below.


He pulled the coat off folding it over his arm, and unfolding his wings, he stretched them out then held his breath and jumped.


He fell quickly using his wings to keep his balance, a bright red flash lit up the sky beside him and he nearly fell he looked up as Dawn floated casually but quickly, down on pitch black wings, the rushing wind was making Gabriel’s eyes water but he swore the daemon grinned at him. Suddenly Dawn’s arms shot out and Gabriel almost bit his tongue as he stopped quickly.

“Okay” Dawn laughed Gabriel’s face was inches away from the black surface of the road, “lesson one, concrete hurts especially landing head first on it, I speak from experience” he set Gabriel down on his feet. Gabriel rubbed his hip, Dawn had gripped him hard. He looked down examining the strange surface under his boots.

“and lesson two?” he asked he asked curiously Dawn grinned then wrapping an arm around Gabriel’s waist he pulled him backwards as a car sped past its horn blaring.

“Lesson two, don’t get run over”

“What the hell was that?” Dawn laughed,

“A car” Gabriel’s expression stayed confused “a box on wheels they move fast so try and avoid them” Dawn took the coat from Gabriel’s grip “number three, humans don’t have wings, and they have a tendency not to like anything out of the ordinary to their little minds. So, coat on” he held it up and Gabriel allowed the help of putting it on.

“What about yours?” Gabriel asked looking at the shirt Dawn was wearing the daemon turned on the spot and Gabriel saw that his wings were gone,

“Just one of the upsides to being a daemon” he grinned and Gabriel sniffed he looked around at the dark silent hilltop.

“So, what now?” Dawn asked

“How should I know?” Gabriel growled he felt uncomfortable and cold in a strange environment those were not a good mix for his temper.

“Well come on then” Dawn grinned ever cheerful and began to walk.  


The End

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