It was a few weeks later when Gabriel looked up towards the desolate wasteland as a bolt of lightning lit up the darkening sky, he looked at Sylver.
“Stay here” he said quietly, he took a running jump and took off, heading toward the storm. He scanned the now wet ground, rain was pouring down making it hard for him to see anything. He thought about turning back when he saw two dark shapes a few metres away from him, he touched down gently next to them. He knelt down by the first, the body was crushed beyond repair, the white feathers coming away and swirling around him in the water he sighed, then moved to the next figure on the ground.
“Maxwell?” he said quietly he knelt down again and picked the angel up as the bruised and bloody creature looked up at him his eyes swimming in and out of focus.
“Gabriel?” he smiled slightly then passed out.

Gabriel carried his brother back to his small house, as he walked he looked the unconscious angel over and grimaced. He had no bandages or anything to work with and didnt know much about plants or anything. His dilema was solved as he entered the small shack to see Dawn and Sylver standing with a small redheaded female daemon. Gabriel looked at her for a moment before laying Maxwell down on the floor.

"Gabriel" Dawn put a hand on the angels shoulder, "this is Amelia Whittle." The redhead moved towards Maxwell and Gabriel growled deep in his throat, Dawn squeezed the shoulder under his hand. "It's okay, she can help" he said quietly Gabriel moved back slightly to let her pass and she knelt down.

After a few minutes Gabriel pulled away from Dawn he walked outside, he winced as his stomach clenched painfully. Sitting down he lit a cigarette, and waited.

Amelia emerged from the small shack, small beads of sweat on her forehead, she smiled down at him.

"He'll sleep till morning" she said quietly, Gabriel nodded the pain in his sides and stomach intensifying. "And how are you?" Amelia hunkered down beside him.

"I'm okay" he said not looking at her, she gripped his chin turning his face towards her.

"I doubt that, Sylvers been complaining that you're not yourself. Also he's been getting stabbing pains in his stomach and problems with his teeth"

"Sounds familiar" gabriel grumbled, Amelia sighed patiently.

"When do you get them?" she asked, Gabriel didn't answer he just looked down at the hand that held him gently, she let him go and realized that she still had blood on her hands from Maxwell, she nodded slowly. "It's not unheard of but I think you and your brothers are going to need blood to survive"  

The End

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