Gabriel and Sylver were sitting outside about a week later, Sylver was pulling loose feathers from his healed wings, Gabriel had his eyes shut a cigarette hanging from his mouth.
“Gabriel” Sylver said slowly,
“Hmmm” Gabriel said not opening his eyes,
“Were you and Raoul actually together?” Gabriel’s eyes opened
“Not in the way mother thinks” he sighed, thinking of Raoul hurt,
“So you weren’t…” Sylver went slightly pink, Gabriel laughed
“No we weren’t fucking” he grinned, he shut his eyes again. Long minutes passed and Gabriel opened his eyes again, “Sylver, why did you get thrown out?” Sylver hissed as his finger slid down one of the white feathers and cut his thumb and finger open, he stuck them in his mouth a moment before answering
“I’m your twin, mother thought we’d be the same way inclined” Sylver shrugged sticking his fingers back in his mouth after he’d finished speaking.
Gabriel was saved his anger by the flash of red light that indicated Dawns arrival, Sylver scrabbled backwards as he felt heat flare right next to him.
“Hey” Gabriel said bored he hadn’t even flinched at the bright flash or the loud yell from Sylver, his eyes remained shut the cigarette still hanging from his mouth.
“Hi” Dawn frowned at him, then turned to Sylver “Sorry, I didn’t realise that Gabriel had company” he looked at Sylver closely, “you must be Sylver” it wasn’t a question,
“How did you know that?” the angel asked grumpily, Dawn sat down next to Gabriel and smiled at Sylver who carried on pulling his loose feathers out, and threw a new box of cigarettes to Gabriel.
“I know a lot of things” he smiled, “so how’s it going?” he said to Gabriel,
“Fine, a bit weird, but fine” Gabriel answered, he opened his eyes just as Sylver cut his fingers again, he watched fascinated as the blood dripped to the floor, turning the grass a strange colour. His jaw hurt as he clenched his teeth together.
“Gabriel?” Dawn was looking at him a hand just about to touch Gabriel’s shoulder, the angel stood up and moved away from them.
“I’m going for a walk” he said he didn’t let them know about the shooting pain that spiked through his chest making him feel nauseous and dizzy, he turned and walked away.
Dawn started to get up.
“I wouldn’t” Sylver said simply, Dawn looked down at him
“You can if you don’t like your teeth in that order” Sylver shrugged, he was poking at the sore cuts on his fingers, Dawn sat back down slowly.
“What’s he angry about?”
“Not a clue” he stated, “but he doesn’t like help” Sylver went back to what he was doing and Dawn sat back to think, lighting up a cigarette.

Gabriel staggered to the edge of the crystal lake he sat down in the sand his arms wrapped around his stomach, he concentrated on one spot in the distance, thinking his way through the pain that coursed through him.
Almost half an hour passed and he stood up, he walked forward feeling better. He stepped into the water, un-braiding his hair, he tucked the strip of leather that tied it back, in his pocket. He walked deeper into the lake then holding his breath he ducked under the water, it was so clean he could open his eyes he saw dark miles stretching down deeper in front of his he smiled slightly and lifting his feet off the sand he swam down into the lakes depths.

“So why is Gabriel like that?” Dawn asked, he looked at Sylver who had given up pulling his feathers out as his fingers slowly dripped blood, he looked at Dawn strangely
“Well, to be honest I have no idea” he said, Dawn noticed the strange look in the angels eyes.
“Really?” he asked, “Sylver, Gabriel trusts me” Sylver laughed scornfully
“Yeah right Gabriel doesn’t trust his own flesh and blood let alone a daemon” Dawn frowned.

Gabriel looked around the bottom of the lake he was pleasantly surprised when he realised his lungs weren’t protesting the long minutes under the water. He smiled to himself as he looked around. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw a flash of silver, he turned in the water using his wings to manoeuvre himself, his eyes scanning the sandy lake bed he swam down and seeing a thin pole. He frowned, seaweed and coral and all sorts of water plant life was covering most of it, he reached down and gripped the pole pulling gently, it refused to move at first then slowly came free. Gabriel looked at the five foot long silver and gold battleaxe in his hand.
Suddenly his airways tightened, a cloud of bubbles rose from his mouth, he looked up and began to swim forcing his panicking limbs to move towards the surface.

Dawn brushed his hand over Sylvers wing, a shower of white feathers hit the floor.
“I wouldn’t go flying for a while, you know” he said quietly the last half an hour had shown Dawn that Sylver was hiding something, and he didn’t like it.
“I gathered that” Sylver sighed now he was getting a bit worried about Gabriel, he was very rarely gone too long especially in a strange place.

Gabriel’s head broke the water and he sucked in a great lungful of air, coughing water out of his airways and shaking it out of his eyes and ears, he dragged himself up onto the beach. He looked his find over, delicate gold patterns adorned the blade, the handle had copper set into it, it fit his hand perfectly. He stood up and it also fit his quite short frame at five foot seven he was smaller than most of the other angels his brothers where all within an inch of the same height but it meant it was difficult to find weapons that fit them right, this axe was perfect.

Gabriel shook water out of his eyes before he braided his hair again, tying the end with the thin leather strap, he sighed looking at the weapon in his hand and started his walk back to Dawn and Sylver.

Sylver looked up as Gabriel came towards them, Dawn stood up.
“What happened?” he asked “you’re soaked” Gabriel looked at him, Dawn shuddered slightly as those icy blue eyes met his own brown ones,
“I went for a swim” Gabriel said he saw the pack of cigarettes on the floor near where Dawn had been sitting and smiled.
“So where did you get that?” Sylver pointed at the axe in Gabriel's fist. Gabriel didn’t answer as he lit his cigarette
“You found her in the bottom of the lake didn’t you?” Dawn said Gabriel didn’t like the tone of his voice
“So?” he growled, Dawn shook his head
“What will you call her?” Gabriel thought for a moment before smiling gently
“Hyperion” Gabriel answered thinking of the lake, Dawn smiled back but never took his eyes from the sharp blade on the end of the axe.

The End

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