A few days later Dawn returned, a canvas bag in his hand that he passed to Gabriel carefully, Gabriel looked inside and pulled out a small pile of clothes, he looked up at Dawn, unsure of what to say.
“Don’t thank me.” Dawn smiled seeing a slight pink flush on Gabriel’s cheekbones, he pulled a pack of forty cigarettes from his pocket and threw them to Gabriel who caught them. “You’re getting better with those things” he smiled,
“Thanks” Gabriel smiled slightly.
“I said don’t thank me,” Dawn frowned, Gabriel frowned back.
“I was dragged up with manners you know” he snapped, Dawn laughed. 
“I know, I knew your mother well, always good on manners but low on charm” he smiled. “See you around” he touched a finger to his head and vanished, Gabriel shook his head, Dawn was weird. He looked at the clothes in his hands, a plain black shirt and a pair of thin, black, cotton  trousers. He went into his small shack and stripped off pulled the mud-streaked clothes he had been wearing and pulled the clean new ones on, they fitted perfectly. He smiled to himself the cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

A few days passed and Gabriel was busying himself repairing bits of the shack, a massive storm had ripped part of the walls and roof off the previous night, when he felt a pins and needles like sensation in the back of his head, he looked up, ’Sylver’ he thought he dropped the material in his hands and taking a running leap his new wings caught the wind and he sped towards the desolate wasteland where he had first landed when he fell, he stopped and looked up, then moved back slightly putting his arms out, and bracing himself. Sylver readied himself for the impact of hitting the floor, he felt tears leave his eyes as the cold wind blew fiercely into them, he stopped more suddenly than he expected as a pair of arms caught him, he looked up into a pair of icy blue eyes and a familiar face.

"Hello" Gabriel smiled
“Gabriel?” he asked as they touched down onto the sandy ground, he looked at the creature in front of him. Sylver stood looking him up and down, blood dripped onto the sand from his slit wings. The creature in front of him was thin, thinner than he once was, the hair messy but still the  same long and silver tied into a long braid, his skin was pale and the hands that had held his twin were cold. Gabriel grinned as Sylver just looked at him. “How can two years change someone so much?” Gabriel frowned confused
“Two years? I’ve only been down here for two weeks” he insisted, sylver shook his head.
“From where I was it was two years” he stated, Gabriel shook his head he was used to understanding most things, now he didn’t seem to understand anything, he smiled sadly at his twin and they walked together back to Gabriel's shack.

The End

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