The Midnight Toker: Birth Of A New Man

Good Christ... Looking back now I just want to kick my self straight in the balls..

    Let me explain. I haven't always been like this. You know, strong and determined. There was a time when I wouldn't lift a finger to flip the page of a porno. Smoked pot, thats what I did... If I wasn't sleeping. If I wasn't eating. There would be a pretty good chance I was smoking pot. Sure I held jobs, worked at a few fast food places and factories here and there... But if I could get out to my car during a break you better believe I'd go and smoke one up.

    I don't know if you can understand how truly tired that makes you. Not just tired but, tired of everything... You get tired of not feeling pain, you get tired of feeling pain. You get tired of sleeping, you get tired of talking. You get tired of seeing terrible things happen all around you and then you get really tired of not doing anything about it. It wasn't long from feeling like that, after a strange occurance during my break one night at work. I had the night that would forever change my life. The night that I Matt Travis a worthless 23 yr old stoner, living with my dad in the sticks of Middleberg. Would become... The Midnight Toker... No I don't just smoke weed at midnight! I help people! Fight crime! Save lives that sort of stuff... But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    So I was at work, having burnt out hours ago from taking 4 huge bong hits before I came in. Working at a factory with heavy machinery no less! You can imagine the mood I must have been in, boiling hot, covered in safety equipment, midsummer.. It may have been 12:30 am, but it was still blazing hot. Especially while operating a personal grinding machine. Just as my boss was sending me out for my lunch break. He started wining and moaning to me about never understanding what he's saying or some crap.

    As if my job wasn't already unbearable, now I had to deal with my boss treating me like I was some stupid pot head. I was just begging! For a really good reason to make that night my last night at work..

    So after heating up my lunch in the microwave and taking a quick dump in the washroom. I washed my hands, took my lunch and went out to my car as usual. My car backed up against the front of the building, straight across the driveway which overlooked the long discreet highway that this factory was located on. To not disturb traffic, and not be caught smoking. I lifted up the parking brake, before I started the car. So I could get some heat going, and control the windows.

    So after I finished eating my suprisingly delicious roast beef, potato, and carrots lunch. Left over from the dinner my dad made that night. I packed a bowl in my nice red pipe, that I named the red devil. And I smoked it up as routine. Only this night, something different happened, then the usual cars going back and forth. I saw a big white van speed past the factory but just before they crossed. Their back doors smashed open and out came a beautiful blond girl, with her hands tied behind her back, tape on her mouth, and  rope around her ankles. Wearing nothing but a blue bra and panties, with a pink jacket. She fell on the road as the van slammed on its brakes, and stopped down the road. The girl seemed to be in terrible pain. No kidding! She struggled on the road as the van slowly backed towards her.

    I sat there holding my pipe in shock as they stopped in front of her, and brought her back into the back of the van. The van began to speed off as I snapped out of it! Tossed my bowl to the floor of the car. Released my parking brake, shifted into drive, then floored it out the driveway towards the van at full speed!

    Oh they noticed me! Sure as life they notice me. I saw their heads poke up from the back windows while holding the girl. They sped up as I stayed right behind them, and stared them in the eye with a look, that said I couldn't wait to catch up to them, and send them to either the grave. Or the hospital.

    What will happen next to The Midnight Toker!?

The End

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