The Midnight Academy

The Midnight Academy is the school where everything happens at night time. The founders of the Midnight Academy are creatures that can only come out at night; when they find out that there are others like themselves they decide to start a school.
But what will happen when the Midnight Academy is overrun by their mortal enemies?


"Oh! Just face it! We are the last of our kind, apart from a few elderly people who aren't going to do anything! We must search and search for more of the Living Angels so that our speices can carry on living forever. We can't just become Angels - that would do no-one any good. This must be our life's mission." shouted Marcus O'Leary. He stormed round the table to pick up his satchel whilst his wife, Jenna, agreed sheepishly. She went to shut the door then picked up her notebook and wrote:

"Next mission: Find more Living Angels. Symptons: skin goes pale at night, bright black or grey eyes, sparkling hair."

A month later of desperate searching the two of them had gathered 7 of the Living Angels, all between the ages of 11 and 17 and all of them had met others; all they had to do now was find them.

The End

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