The meteor that destoryed the family - part 4

Alex: So what are we talking about hear then? As he starts to drink a cup of hot tea.


Suzie:  Well I was just telling Josh about things that he should know – like what happened to his parents                                                                  and did you know that he didn’t even know that he had a sister?


Alex:    No I didn’t know. Goes and sits down on the dining table chair and shakes his head when he says    no.  But wait a minute I thought that we weren’t supposed to tell him, well at least not until he was             a bit older? Why did you tell him now?


Suzie:   Because he had a right to know! And also I thought that he had already been told when he was                   taken into care, and plus he wanted to know!


 Josh: Yeah!  Turning around to look at Alex. What’s the matter with a little bit of curiosity eh?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Alex: Oh, calm down! I was only asking,


Josh: Suzie, can we please turn on the tv?


Suzie: Yeah sure.


Josh exits the room to enter the living room instead.


Suzie:  Whisper to Alex. Look can you just be a bit less harsh on him?


Alex: Yes, yes well I am trying!


Josh:    Shouting. Hey! Look! Come quick Look at the tv on the News! Alex! Suzie! Look a big part of the      rock from one of the planets in the solar system is going to fall on the earth come quick! Look!


Alex and Suzie quickly get up and rush from the kitchen to the living room to watch the TV.

The End

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