The meteor that destoryed the family - part 3

Suzie:  Have a seat...


Josh:   Why? It isn’t like some interview or something! Josh moans and shouts, but sits down on the           chair.


Suzie:   I wanted to talk to you and say that I am very pleased with your work and attitude to learning in       some areas, but in other areas I am not so pleased. In some subjects like science and Maths             both of your teachers said that your mind seems to be straying and so you are not paying full          attention to the lesson, and therefore not achieving as high as the other students. Look I             understand that it is hard for you... In a caring way and smiling... I know it is hard being fostered      by new foster parents, but after a while you will get used to it - I promise. Is that just the only   problem?


Josh:   Nods in sadness. Well, that’s the main problem you see... It’s Alex... I don’t think that he likes me   and when you’re not there he treats me really badly; as if he didn’t even want to foster me in the            first place. And also I just keep on thinking who my real parents are and I really want to know. In        class I keep on trying to make these really good ideas of where they could be, like they are rich          and famous and have to do a lot of work in Hollywood so they couldn’t look after me. Please tell             me where they are - really?


Suzie:   Well, look I don’t think that I shouldn’t be telling you this, but a long, long time ago when you must have been really little, about one or two years old your parents died because they go run over by      a car when they were going for a bike ride on the side of the road, they had left you and your     sister at home with a nanny.


Josh:    Looking stunned and confused. Wait, wait! Hang on a minute, are you trying to let me that I had a   sister too? Fold Arms. Well if I did then where is she because she would have been taken into        care with me too...


Suzie:  Ok, well I am sorry I have kept the truth from you, but I thought that you were told about this                                                                                              before… Well it is that she went missing quite a long time ago, now she would have been one         year younger than you – 14 years old. A small tear dripping down from her eye and down her              cheek, like a stream of condolence for Josh. She went missing when she went on a trip to        Germany with     her friends.


Josh:   Well why didn’t you tell me about this earlier! With anger and sadness.


Suzie:   Because I seriously thought that you already knew about it!


Alex enters the room on stage and silence strikes in the kitchen between Josh and Suzie.

The End

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