The meteor that destoryed the family - part 2

In the middle of the stage is a path for the characters to walk along that is near a road. This is shown with a typical scene that would be in a street, the street isn’t busy and so there are no other people on that street, there are also no cars driving across the road, but there is one parked car that is on the side of the road and that is made out of cardboard, but to look real. Now the lighting is even brighter with a sort of yellow and green tin to it, since they are outside.



Alex:     What were you doing anyway in the school’s playing field?


Josh:    In a sincere voice. I was doing my homework project - for history - to make and bury a time             capsule... Sorry!


Alex:     Yeah, You better be... Stern Voice. We were standing there like statues waiting for you to come     and everyone was with their sons and daughters!


Suzie:  Happy tone. Anyway I think that we should all just go home, have dinner and then go to sleep. Ok!


Josh:    Why are you so angry with me though!




To the right hand side of the stage (from the audience’s point of view)is there house. It looks like it has been split in half and one half taken off it. The only rooms on the ground floor of the house that can be seen are the living room and the kitchen. The only rooms that can be seen on the first floor of the house are the parent’s bedroom, Josh’s bedroom and a bathroom. The characters all enter the house one by one.


          Josh runs into the living room and throughs himself onto the couch and turns the TV on.



Suzie:  JOSH! Wait here I told you that we need to have a talk about your behaviour and you attitude to        learning! Suzie says this as she hangs up her coat on the banister and the bottom of the stairs.


           Josh moans and literally drags himself to the kitchen.


Josh:   WHAT!!! Shouting.


            Suzie walks into the kitchen and sits down on a chair from the dining table.

The End

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