The meteor that destoryed the family - part 1

Act One, Scene One.


On stage is a cardboard cut out of trees for the background, on the floor, in the middle and to the left side of the stage there is a small metal tin like object just poking out the top, with fake soil scattered all around and on it to make it look rusty and like it has only half been dug up. The lighting on stage is very bright, with a bright light, also another, stronger glow of light is on stage too, but it just focuses on the metal object only. The opening scene starts with a boy kneeling down trying to dig up more of the metal object - this boy’s name is Josh. Ever since his parent died he has been living with foster parents and he has been very unfortunate. The lighting also has a yellow tin to it as it is like the yellow sun is beaming gown on him.


Josh:    with a surprised facial expression. Wow! Hey, it looks like someone has buried a time capsule before me! Josh tries to take out the item slowly and is struggling, still in surprise. It won’t come  out!


Danni:  Confused. What are you doing? Kneel down next to Josh with surprised facial expression. Hey,  don’t you remember that we wrote about it in school! Smiling, It’s one of those air raid shelter things.


Josh:    Hey, you’re right... Come on lets try to dig out more of it. Enthusiastically; What are you doing here anyway? Starting to dig it out of the mud. I have just come here because of my assignment to bury my time capsule. Now panting from digging so quickly.


Danni:  Oh I had a detention so I was walking Home. Now starting to dig again. Wait! Stop! That’s  small it is! Well go inside then... Pat Josh on the shoulder and wait behind him anxious to know more.


Josh:    Slowly and cautiously opens the door; the door is rusty and hard to open, but it still opens and Josh steps inside, there is only space for one person only. Well it’s a bit squashed, but I think that only one person can fit in here.


Danni:   Dusting the mud off her hands.  Well I think I am going to go home, to clean up. Walk off stage.


Josh:    Ok, bye then. Look at watch. Oh no! It’s 5 O’clock. I should be at parents evening. Worried Look     and rush out of the shelter and hurry to the side of the stage a collect a big blue bag. No on will          look under this sheet to see it when I cover it with this blue sheet from the art class room. Say as          you walk to the shelter and cover it, then look at watch again.



                                                Suzie and Alex enter on Stage.   



Alex:    In a stern, loud and deep voice.  Ah, there you are we were waiting for you in the hall like the odd     ones out!! Where were you?


Suzie:   In a high pitched and stern voice too.  Anyway we had to see your teacher by ourselves and           without you, now come home with us and do your homework then we can talk about your     behaviour in your Maths and Science classes. Taking his hand and then walking away.

The End

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