The Metaphore

     20 year old Johnny Mc Arter, is working a low level menial job. He works at a local plastics factory. Makes $10/hr and still lives with his mom. When Johnny is at work he keeps quiet. He does what hes paid to do, and not much else. He only talks unless he is talked to or it is work related. With strangers he never is the first to start a conversation. Johnny spends most of what he makes on alcohol and weed. Johnny occasionally goes out on the weekends. To get hammered. With people he at one time felt connected to. His friends..

    Despite Johnny's hopeless addiction and discontent. He managed to save up $800. He's going to spend this money on what he believes, will bring him happiness. Johnny Goes to wal-mart and purchases an x-box 360, a bunch of video games, and dvd's. Johnny goes home. He sets it all up. Johnny begins to play video games. When Johnny is bored of games, he puts in a movie. Johnny believes he can be fully fulfilled and content, by doing nothing. But working an empty job, playing video games, and watching movies. On all his free time.

    This isn't much of an exciting story. But sadly, its the true story going on for many young individuals. Who are full of limitless potential. Lets change Johnny's story. Lets send him a few curve balls. Lets shake up his life.

The End

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