The metal being

Over the past three years, three girls have dissapeared: Rachael Gardener, Meg Smith and more recently Storme Brown. As these three years have past, more and more seem to have come up about it.

But what shound I do when it happens to me?

Chapter 1

I was trapped. Alone and trapped. Only the pouding of the metal footsteps dared to break the hauntung silence. On the black-board was written 'Beware of R.O.B. The metal being.' I was being stalked by this R.O.B in a deserted school after a simple dare. I had only my fear for company. I clenched my fists as the pounding slowly got closer and closer. It knew I was here; I knew it was there but there seemed no way to stop it. The moon peered through the curtains, slicing the room in two. I was trembling ferociously.


Suddenly I heard tiny footsteps com from the door on the other side of the room from where the metal footsteps were coming from. This metal being couldn't had transported from one side of a school to another: it wasn't physically possible. Whatever the other thing was, it was tapping quietly on the door. But what if there was something else? Quicker? Quieter? Sneakier? I decided to open the door and let whatever it was in as either way I would die so I wanted it to be quick.

The End

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