The Message

The clearing held an eerie beauty in the moonlight.  It was so calm and peaceful; completely void of noise or movement.  There was almost a feeling that it was holding its breath for something…

 A deafening crash came from the edge of the field completely destroying the calm as a young woman burst from the bush. The sudden freedom from the trees caused her to hurl herself onto the ground.  Even before her mind registered that she had fallen, she was up and running again.  She broke into a long stride – it was easy now that she wasn’t fighting against the brush.  The ground she covered was amazing.

 But was it enough?

 From behind her, she heard the baying wolves start up their morbid chorus.  They sounded so close, but she dared not turn to look.

 Up ahead, she could see the dim torches of town on the far side of the clearing.  Was that her imagination or could she hear the music of the tavern carried on the winds?  Relief warmed her heard, spurring her on.  The woman was numb, her body carrying angry welts from the lashing of the branches, and her feet bloodied from the run.  She cared not for her state however and just ran. 

 The wolves growled as they crashed into the clearing after her.

 With all her heart she prayed just to make it to town.  Although as numb as the rest of her, her feet kept swiftly going.   She had to make it.  She just had to.  She wasn’t for her life she needed to reach town; it was for her message.

 The wolves stopped announcing where they were, all focus was on the hunt.

 The lights…they’re so close…

The End

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