The Mess You Made

“Finally, I can be with her.” I say to myself quietly, holding the golden chain, the coin shaped medallion weighing it down in my hand.

The time-turner reflects the dim light into my face and my face lights up with the cold metal.

“I’m coming too.” A young man’s voice comes from the door, which I had locked with magic. My man servant stood in front of me. I shook my head at him sternly.

“You are not coming, Jack.” I say to him as I run a hand through my greasy, black hair, distressed.

“Yes, I am. I need to. What if something goes wrong? It’s kind of my job to protect you, you know.” He wiggles a finger at me.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that.” I say for the fourth time that day.

“Sorry, Master. But Voldemort did issue me to ward off the auror’s and others who think you are still alive.” He smirks.

“Fine. Come on. I am not usually one to give in as you know, but I guess I must.” I sigh loudly.

“Lets go get her!” Jack trots over to me and puts the long chain around his neck as I do the same. It is long enough for both of us to wear. I flick the coin a few times to go back.

The End

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