So it begins

Never in a million years she thought she'd be following a mere water legend towards the end of the world instead of sleeping in with a good pillow on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, but you see life's funny that way.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be searching for something that doesn’t exist? No? Then lucky you, because I guarantee you this much.

It sucks.

“Marina look at that” shouted Lara from up in the circus platform pointing her finger towards something filled with sequins on her left, while I sat staring at the almost-broken trapeze from one of the empty seats at the back.

It was obviously in need of repair.

 But maybe that trapeze was like the rest of those important things people didn’t care about until it was too late. It only was given attention when a) it was needed to make money and impress people or b) it got damaged badly couldn't be replaced.

 Like Darius sort of.

 Or Aquaria.

 But I was not going there, not now, when people would start coming in the tent soon, and sniffing around for the noises they probably heard last night, plus, even if they didn’t, I’m pretty sure circus people didn't like strangers sleeping in their tents for free.

 Funny how secretly sleeping in a circus the night before your eighteenth birthday makes you miss your home so badly.

Home, warm and comfy, home.

With a decent bed and a birthday breakfast my mom would be preparing at dawn, where my friends where probably already posting happy birthdays on Facebook and my siblings would be taking out badly warped presents only to fight over the chance to give them over first.

Yeah, I used to have a nice life, small town, and couple of friends, a loving mom, two little sisters to love and a small shoebox bedroom with a view to the interstate, back before I’d met Aquaria, I thought all I needed to be happy was graduate.

!Not they key to a mermaid’s immortality!. 

 So you must be asking yourself, Marina, if tomorrow is your birthday, what are you doing hiding out, sleeping in a smelly circus tent and following a kleptomaniac pink haired bimbo out to a cave somewhere in the bay of Sydney?

 And trust me if you’d told me two weeks ago that the new girl I'd befriended in school was a endangered undercover mermaid on the run from a secret government organization, I'd have laughed, and if you'd told me that, when she got kidnapped a week later, I still would have asked what hookah you were on?.

 Nevertheless this is where I ended up, me, Marina Parker, high-school outcast number one, voted "most likely to die virgin" by the yearbook squad, miles from home, all because some magic pool in the sea thinks I’m Hans Christian Andersen’s little mermaid reincarnated.

But to figure out how I got here, we have to go back, and I mean way back, not even to the day I met Darius in the gym of Weston high, but to the end of the little mermaid’s tale itself.

 Now, you might want to sit back, it’s going to be a long story.

The End

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