William sat down Indian-style on the carpet and started to explain.

"I will go over what you already know and what you do not," he said. "In this I hope to make the bigger picture clear."

The remaining three nodded.

"This is what you know: Four survivors of a bus crash are prophesised to save us from the great Evil that overshadows. These four are you... but there seems to be one missing of our number. And here comes what you do not know."

Princess gulped.

Tophat looked resolute.

Lelia sat with a stony expression.

"One of your number was also prophesised to run away. It seems this has happened sooner than I feared. The second will be overcome with their past. Whether either rejoin the two at a later date is unknown. But this leaves two to continue over the main part of your journey."

The three stimultaniously looked around at each other, wondering who the second dropout would be. Lelia gulped- she had a horrible past, one she had been trying to keep ahead of for years.

"To aid you on your journey I can give you nothing but a bit of advice- find and heed the book. Defeat Merlin's enemy. And," he smiled slightly, "this may sound 'cheesy', but do not give up."

With a flash and smoke, he disappeared.

The End

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