North (By Septirath) ~Updated~Mature

"First we should get off of the streets," Xavier said. "I may not know much about Sun Wars, or lightsavers, but I can get around. After we leave the city, we head North. Best to do it at the full moon."

"Why the full moon?" Lelia asked.

"Because magicians are most powerful at the full moon," the kid replied. He felt like a genius among idiots.

"Yeah, great, so we charge North, hoping we hit wizards that are filled with magical energy biz. Then we die," Fophat said sarcastically.

"Not necessarily. If wizards are always most powerful during the full moon, logic concludes that the full moon has a positive effect on them. Anything that has an effect has a cause, and anything that has a cause can be reversed. The reverse of positive is negative. If we can reverse the effect of the full moon, then it means that the wizards will have next to no power, and possibly none at all," the street rat said, turning his gaze to Claude. "I'm not weak and I'm not stupid."

Claude held up his hands in a 'watch out, we got a badass over here' gesture. "All right, fine. So we go North at the full moon after escaping the city. Why North?"

Both Lelia and Tess expected a smart-alec response, but Xavier only responded "I have my reasons."

All three of the other people felt a backstory, but they inquired no further. Xavier sighed and looked down at the ground.


He just wanted to go North because it would be easier to ditch them there. He didn't like this group. So a bus exploded and everyone died. Big deal. The rest was probably a mix of fact and hallucination. So as night fell, he silently slipped away from the group with Token safe in his pocket.
He was out.

The End

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