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"Catch," called Princess. She tossed a couple of plastic lightsabers at Lelia and Tophat. Lelia caught hers skeptically- "What is this, Star Wars?" she snickered.

In a deep, breathy voice Tophat said, "Luke. I am your father." He bursts out laughing.

Princess glares. "Guys, this is serious," she hissed, explaining about the weaker demons. "We should check out and leave, now. Then go back to the hotel and figure out what to do."

"I can check out," Street Rat offered. Lelia notices he's holding a bunch of games. She's guessing he's never had so much at his feet before. But she snorted- no way they're letting him handle nearly six hundred dollars by himself. 

"No. And we don't have enough money for all of those games, we have to keep at least half of it, just in case. I'll grab a couple more things and we can go. You guys keep watch," says Princess. She rans through one of the shorter lines, with Lelia keeping watch over Street Rat and Tophat watching with a fake lightsaber.

In twenty minutes they were out and hauling heavy bags to the hotel.

"What did you put in these, bricks?" Lelia gasps.

"No, but we needed a lot of stuff and we couldn't carry fifteen bags apiece," Princess hisses. 

They dropped the bags on the cheap carpet of their room. Princess goes through the bags quickly, and then pulls out several bottles.

"First things first, disguises. Lelia, you're a blonde now," she said brightly, tossing a labeled bottle in her direction. 

She grumbled. "Anything but bleach."

"Here's some makeup too, to help cover all of those tattoos," Princess says, throwing a bottle of some kind of heavy makeup.

Lelia caught it and locked herself into the bathroom, studying her tattoos. Amongst the varied skulls and thorny things, there was a small heart. In it was Monica and Lelia.

She grimaced. Maybe it was best if all of those were covered, at least temporarily. 

An hour later, she unlocked the door and stepped out, bleached and tattoo-less. 

"Hey, no tattoos suits you," remarked Claude. His hair was red now, and both Princess and Street rat had exchanged their blonde ringlets for ebony.

"Unrecognizable," said Lelia.

Soon everyone settled themselves, eating potato chips and other junk food from the various Walmart bags. Princess looked up.

"Okay, so. What do we do now?"

The End

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