Once Xavier returned Tess and Leila took off in another direction to gather toiletries, telling Claude they would be back in five minutes.

Five minutes later when they returned, Claude was standing by himself reading a magazine. The kid was gone again.

“Let me guess bathroom again?” Tess asked.

“Weak bladder I guess,” Claude replied.

Tess shot Claude a doubtful look. “You lost the kid again didn't you?”

Claude held his hands up.“Why is it my job to protect him?”

Tess stepped forward, “Because your the man of the group.”

  • “That is so sexist.” Leila and Claude replied simultaneously.

Tess sighed. “Whatever,” she pushed passed the other two and began to hunt for Xavier.

“Hey kid, this isn't funny,” she shouted looking up and down the aisles.

A nosy old lady hobbled over to her.“I'm sorry dear, are you looking for someone?” Her eyes grew wide behind her bifocals.

Tess glanced down at her clothes; they were disheveled. She hadn't seen a comb or brush in days. In this kind of state the women probably thought Tess was an invalid.

Self consciously Tess ran her fingers through her hair. “My little brother,” she replied awkwardly.

“Oh, well you better get him. There's a lot of wierdos out in the world young lady.”

Tess tried her best to smile politely, she didn't need to be reminded about wierdos. She walked passed the lady and took off into a jog. “Xavier!” She yelled growing nervous.

She made her way to the electronics section, her heart was pounding in her chest, people were staring at her, giving her weird looks, at this rate she thought she was sure she would have a panic attack. “Damnit kid, where are you?” He wasn't by the video games. So that left one more option. Toys.

Tess wandered into the boy's toy aisle. The shelves were filled with super hero and star wars trinkets. She didn't know much about fourteen year old boys, maybe Xavier was too old for this kind of stuff, she thought examining a plastic lightsaber.

A growl in the aisle, caused Tess to turn abruptly. It was another one of those blue creatures. His face was concealed by a hoodie and you couldn't determine the hue of his skin unless you were really close. In this case she was, the creature was an arm's length away. It hissed at her revealing a forked tongue.

Tess began to tremble. Slowly, desperately she raised the plastic lightsaber in her hands. She flicked the on button, making it glow an array of different colors.

The creature's eyes grew wide and fearful. Tess had no idea these things could be fooled so easily. The creature made a disgruntled sound before teleporting itself out of the store.

Tess couldn't help but laugh nervously. She scooped up three more lightsabers. They couldn't do any real harm of course, but they would scare off Kingsley's weaker demons. Tess walked with the handful of plastic lightsabers, in doing so she nearly bumped into Xavier, who was carrying a box with a picture of a Nintendo D.S on it.

Tess sighed in relief, “Good, there you are. Stay with me.”

Xavier stayed to the side of Tess, but far enough apart that they didn't look like they knew each other.

“What?” Tess asked defensively.

Xavier shrugged. “Nothing, I'm just pretending I don't know you.” he replied nonchalantly.

The End

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