Bad decisionMature

Xavier still didn't fully trust these people. So he made what was to later be labelled as "Bad Decision #24." He decided to secretly split off from the group. Well, not secretly so much as come up with an excuse for leaving and not coming back.

Silently, he took Token out of his pocket and started whispering instructions to him.

"Okay, Token. Ready?" he asked.

"Squeak," the rat replied. Then he jumped out of Xavier's hands and ran off, skittering over the floor.

"Token!" Xavier cried. He took off after him. "I'll be back!" he called to the group.

They didn't even notice him, which was good. As soon as he turned the corner, his rat leaped back into his hands.

"Good job, Token," Xavier told him.


Xavier started walking through Wal-Mart, looking at all of the products they had for offer. He only had a little bit of money, having lost most of it on the bus.

Then he turned one more corner, and was exposed to a new world of more products. He had never seen anything like this! He had spent his whole life on the street, and got what he needed by stealing. On rare occasions, the baker would give him a bread, but he usually just stole money and other bric-a-brac. Then he traded it for something better, often robbing the other guy blind. He had lived as a cheat, and liked it that way. But this place was a place devoted to honestly traded money and objects. It was warm, and well-lit, and there were a lot of things to buy there.

Unfortunately for him, for everyone, he also noticed that there were many security issues. He tended to freak about that.

The End

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