Tophat picked up the money as if unsure whether or not it'd disappear in his hands. He counted quickly and announced, "There must be at least 500 bucks here."

Lelia gives a small whoop, earning her disgruntled looks from Street Rat and Princess. She's never had that much to spend at once. 

"I say we go to Walmart now and get some food. It'll be dark and there'll be less people there than the daytime, though still a lot. New clothes would be a good idea too," she says as an afterthought, glancing at Street Rat's tattered jeans and everyone else's clothes, which were in various states of griminess by then.

"Disguises could work too... clothes we don't usually wear and maybe some hair dye. At least they couldn't pick us out in a crowd then, because they definitely can now," Princess pipes up, looking over Lelia's tattoos and streaked dark hair, Street Rat's ripped clothes and Tophat's well... hat. 

The guys both agreed, and they all exited their room. Lelia, in an extremely better mood, started humming ironically, changing the lyrics to the popular tune.

"We're off to see the wizard, the descendant of Merlin of Ozzzz... because because because becauseee... we have to get some crazy book before his enemy kills us all!"

"Can it, Dorothy," said Tophat with amusement. They walked to the nearest Walmart, which was just across the street. It was surprisingly crowded for 4 A.M. on a weekday. 

"Should we split up, or what..?" asks Street Rat as they stand in the entrance.

Lelia gives him a dubious look. "That'd be dangerous."

"But it's Walmart!" he says. 

"Yeah, and it's a public, open place where we could easily be attacked," Tophat points out. "Let's stick together. Food first." 

The End

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