Claude was the first to step off the van and he checked his phone which finally had access to the network.

"Goooooooooooood Morning Effingham, Illinois!" He screamed into the night, earning him the glares of his companions.

"What do we do now? We can't split up..." Rat boy stated.

"I say we find the nearest fastfood and get some grub." Leila proposed.

"Then somewhere to bunk. I can barely stand up..." Tessa added.

The group headed for a burger king where they ate ravenously, the french man paying for the group in cash.

"You girls have credit cards?" He asked, munching on a veggeburger.

They nodded, not taking the time to stop eating to answer them.

"We should avoid using them, I don't know what these guys can do but they could track us by the credit log too. Let's keep them but only for emergencies. I got a few hundred on me so it shouldn't be a problem for now..."

The late night dinner continued without conversation, beside the musician talking about vegetarianism and how eating meat was bad for they body and the karma. Which earned him irritated glares from the Goth girl, apathetic looks from the kid and a blank expression from the journalist.

When they finished, they began another search, this time for a hotel. After an hour, they reached a tiny motel where Claude, once again taking the lead, rented a room for the group.

"Why one room? You're hopping to bed one of us Tophat?" Leila claimed mockingly.

"No, it's because that way we can keep watch easily. You and Tess will share the same bed, I'll bunk with Xavier. The guys after us blew up a bus full of people, I doubt a town will make them shy on murdering us."

"And then what? We stay on the run?"

"First, we gear up. Compasses seem to show where they are. We'll also need backpacks, new shoes for myself and a coat for the kid. Then, we can try to search for this William guy. If we need, I'll rent a car before we ditch town."

"You thought this through quite a lot." Xavier remarked.

"I can't stop thinkin' man. Days and night, I think about stuff."

"Ok." Leila began "I slept on the way here. I'll take the first watch. Two hours like last time?"

The group consulted each other and agreed on the positions, with the kid taking the easy watch, the last one.

The group didn't bother undressing much before hitting the hay, most of them falling asleep as their head hit the bed's pillow. Sitting on the bed where Tessa slept, The goth girl stood watch, listening to the night's noises.

The End

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