Being AntisocialMature

'Oh, happy day,' Xavier though bitterly. 'People.'

"We're tracking down a murderous and possible pedophilic individual who has already killed many and has attempted to kill us. Good day to you and we hope you have pleasant dreams tonight," he said bluntly.

The man's face puckered into a wide-eyed, closed-mouth, kind-of-face-you-get-when-you-suck-a-lemon expression. He tried to hide it, though. "Well, ain't that nice," he said. "But I don't think any of y'all should be wand'rin' 'round after people like that. 'Specially you." He motioned to Lelia, whose face became murderous.

"We can handle ourselves," Xavier said. He did not like this person.

The man's eyes got dark for a moment, like he didn't expect resistance. It looked like he had seen many things with those eyes, things that made him protective.
 "If that's how y'all feel...," he responded sadly.

Instantly, Xavier softened. As long as he had lived alone didn't matter. He was a kind person.

"All right...," he obliged.

"You'll come with me?" the man asked.

"Yeah," Xavier said. He was fairly sure that they, as a group, could handle this squat, fat man if he turned out to be treacherous.

"I don't think we should," Claude warned quietly. "We don't know this man, it's getting dark, and we could be tried for kidnapping if he found out that Xavier's not related to us." He said this in a whisper, so the man couldn't hear.

"Oh, hush," Xavier said. "A Mister Fophat like you should be able to handle a jolly good blow to several parts of your body and still go at it fisticuffs." He spoke in a snobby voice as an imitation, and did it rather well."

"Ugh, fine," Claude consented. So thus the agreement was made.

The End

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