Hitting the roadMature

The group walked toward what they believed was the side of the road so they could get over these woods. While Xavier led the way, Claude just stared at Tessa the whole way. After half a hour, he finally decided to confront her.

"Hey... William, care to explain what's going on?"

The journalist looked at him back with confusion "Why are you calling me that?"

Her eyes were back to normal but the french man didn't really know if that meant anything or not. "Maybe he was playing dumb." he concluded.

"No need to play dumb or anything, while you're here, we might as well get some info."

"Hey tophat, it's me Tessa! Not this William guy."

"How could I make sure it is? If he's been watching us, he'd know about a few things but maybe not all of it. If it was him, he'd try to act in character..." The musician deduced.

He kept silent for a minute and the woman or the one controlling her stopped paying attention to him. He ran up to her as silently as he could and grabbed her shoulder, dragging her closer into a kiss before she got any chance to react.

Their lips met and a second later, her fist met his jaw with the strenght of a gorilla, sending him on his back in the snow.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" She exploded. "...Last night didn't mean anything! I don't want some jackass playboy like you!"

He got up from his ass and noticed the two others were staring at him. He gave them a forced smile and they sighed in annoyance.

But atleast now, he was fairly certain that Tess was herself. A guy possesing her would have just went with it. He knew how to differentiate fakers pretty well.

They continued their way, dead silent with an uncomfortable tension between the two of them. It was almost sundown when they reached the road. Nothing was in sight, they were in a rather wild strech of the united states.

The closest town was several miles from them and would take them hours to reach in the dismal cold of the night...

As either and answer to their prayer or another kick in the nuts from karma, a van came in sight and eventually pulled next to them. It was one of those old hippie wolkswagon vans. The man driving rolled down his window and called.

"What are you fellas doin' here?"

The End

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