Lelia stared, horrified. First this prisoner had tried to take the street rat, which Princess had prevented. She had wanted to help but was too busy deflecting the half-transparent, ghostlike things. Not only could they touch you but they could get inside your mind as well, bringing your worst fears to the surface, and your desires, crushing them, taunting you with the fact that you could never have what you wanted. As she glanced towards Tophat, she could tell it was affecting him too.

Now, the blue man had taken possession of Princess, but she seemed to be fighting. She was stronger than she thought. Her eyes had went from petrifying black pits to normal eyes with a colour that was not hers as she seemed to have an internal battle.

Finally she had calmed. The black eyes had won over but her demeanour was unlike the pitiless servant's. Princess spoke- her voice was male, but not the nails-on-chalkboard hiss of the servant.

"I am William Samson... There was a battle going on inside of Tessa. The servant is gone and I am in possession. She's damaged but her soul will be salvaged. Merlin is dead; the time has come. The survivors must stay alive and fight." 

"A lot of help that is, William," Lelia snorted. "What are we supposed to do with a possessed body anyway? She'll kill us in our sleep in this state, it'll damage her so much."

"We can't just leave her," said Street Rat in a small voice. "She saved me..."

"I'm not much for sentiments but Xavier is right, we can't leave her," Tophat says. "But we can't walk into a supermarket with her, either, so food will have to wait. Let's just get out of these woods."

The End

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