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The prisoner struggled in Claude's grip, once he noticed a shift in the smaller boy's behavior. The prisoner was strong and immortal and he seemed to obtain a new motivation. Claude wouldn't have stood a chance. He spoke in that odd language again. An incantation. “Alas, rise!" He shouted afterwards.

Claude was pushed backwards by the same sheer force that propelled the bus driver into the windshield. Xavier, although he warned the others not to lose their heads, seemed to be the first to break concentration.  The prisoner lunged for him again. Tess screamed. Even though the kid was a smart ass- know it all, he was still a kid, and this was a disturbing scene. The bald man bore his eyes into the boy again. From his fingers, claws extended piercing the boy's skin. His tongue rushed out becoming long and forked as he whispered in his odd language.

Xavier shut his eyes. He was smart to do so. Nobody would want to see their own death, especially one of this nature. While Claude and Leila ran towards the boy they were shoved backwards by an invisible force. Tess's throat went suddenly dry. She scanned her mind, for some way to help the poor child, to free him of the situation.

“Hey,” Tess called averting the bald man's attention back to her. “What do you want with the kid?”

The bald man's eyes had gone suddenly black. Tess had to fight the urge to vomit when he spoke revealing his forked tongue again. “ Before I can do my master's will and find the strength to defeat our enemies I must find a new vessel. It is time to shed this body. I need....vitality,” his breath came out distorted.

Tess stepped forward. “So take mine. That boy's a sewer rat. He is weak and diseased,” she bluffed.

Xavier opened his eyes. Once again he was starring at her like she had two heads.

“Very well,” he hissed.

Selfishly, Tess had half a mind to tell the man to go back to Xavier as he inched his way over to her. She glanced at Claude and Leila. They wore matching horrified expressions.

This was it, she thought. She couldn't tear her gaze away from the blue man now. She would soon be leaving this world and everything she loved in it, behind. Worse, she would walk this earth as a shell of a person with something cruel and evil residing in her body, the thought made her skin crawl.

The man latched his brawny blue hands onto her arms. The creatures, he commanded became translucent, but visible. She realized they were spirits or ghosts of some sorts. They stopped trying to fight the other three and turned their attention to the blue man, their leader.

He rested his forehead against hers. Tess opened her mouth one more time, to tell the others to run. She wasn't sure if they did or not, because something strange and unfamiliar entered her body and soul.

Your mine now, the voice whispered into her mind.

Tess winced as she tried to picture herself with a forked tongue and black bottomless pools where her eyes were.

She felt her thoughts and memories betray her as they began to swirl up, preparing to take leave. She wondered what would happen to her soul. Would it turn to ashes?

I'm here, stay with me, an unfamiliar voice said inside her mind.

Who are you? Tess thought back.

My name is William, the voice read.

Leave, the voice of the bald man commanded, Merlin is dead you've lost this war.

Tessa's head felt fuzzy. She couldn't very well comprehend the two strange man fighting inside of her head.

The new voice ignored the bald man. Stay with me, he is not right. Predicting his own death,Merlin bestowed half of his soul to me. There is still hope miss, I need you to fight,to choose me.

The bald man roared out in anguish.

Tess wasn't sure how they stood a chance against fighting this blue man and his army of spirits. Nonetheless, she listened to the kinder voice.

Alright, she thought. Relinquishing her free will, she turned herself over to the newcomer.

Her body jolted as it became alive with a new energy. She was vaguely aware of her mouth moving and her hands lifting as she shot out a bolt of energy. The storm inside her head was silenced. She opened her eyes and the bald man, ghosts and all had vanished. Her soul was still intact, but she doubted she would ever recover from the bizarre episode.

The End

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