Taking chargeMature

Xavier was taking charge now. He figured, 'Even though they're older, I'm smarter.'

He was a bit arrogant sometimes too. But still, it would work.

"What's your name?" Fophat asked.

"D-dunmire," Wimpbrat said.

  • "Why does Kingsley want us killed?"
  • "No witnesses."
  • "What did he do on the bus?"

Wimpbrat didn't answer that one.

Xavier poked Wimpbrat. "Mister Fophat asked you a question," he said angrily.

"He stole a book." Wimp was talking now.

"Why is that important?" Xavier was taking charge of the questions.

"I don't knowwwwwww!" Wimpbrat was howling, like they were already hurting him.

"Let him go," Xavier ordered. Tess and Lelia let go of him without question.

"But Wimpbrat, you stay here," the street rat commanded with a glare.

Wimpbrat obeyed. "Yes sir...." He whispered.

"You're coming with us. If we find Kingsley, you'll be a valuable asset to us. But if you cause any trouble, we will not hesitate to kill you."

"Yes sir...."

"Now let's get a move on! All four of you!" Xavier liked being in charge.

The End

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