Tophat looked peeved. Lelia rolled her eyes.

"Okay, so... maybe I was wrong. Apparently they do know we survived and are after us. Lucky for us though this guy is a wimp," she says, making sure to hold the makeshift spear steadily. "Who says I run him through right now and leave him?"

"No," Princess interjects in an authoritative tone. Lelia scowls- who ever said she was in charge? "It'd be more useful to question him first. Plus I'm sure if we killed him it'd be on the news and this Kingsley man would know anyway."

"And," Street Rat points out, "They might send someone bigger after us."

Lelia scowls- what did she get stuck with, a bunch of idiots? "It won't take much force to get it out of him considering how much he's already volunteered, but we can't just let him go after that." She shoves the spearpoint closer to his nose- the wimpy male looks absolutely petrified. 

He speaks in a small squeak. "Be very grateful if you let me go, oh yes, I will tell you anything so long as you spare my life... but I musn't disobey Master! No!" His last words come out in an anguished cry.

"Tell us what we want to know and we'll consider letting you go. Maybe," says Tophat, taking charge. Lelia looks absolutely affronted but he seemed to have a large amount of authority over the bald man.

"Yes," he says in a small whisper.

Everyone starts asking questions at once, Lelia included. The man sweeps his head around at each person, confused and petrified. 

"Stop," says Street Rat. Everyone stares at him- he's only spoken in short spurts and he's never given such a direct order yet.

"Claude should question him, he seems to be overpowering him relatively well. You," he says, addressing Lelia, "And Tessa can guard him."

Tophat nods and looks at the man. 

"We'll need you to answer our questions exactly. Leave nothing out and we will leave no remains for Kingsley to bury if he so wishes, do you understand?"

He gives a squeak of assent- So the questioning begins.

The End

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