Bad IdeasMature

"This is such a bad idea!" Claude pointed out, stating the obvious.

"We're not debating that fact, it is stupid, but it's the only way we can know what in the hell is going on." Tessa replied.

"Let's at least get some weapons." He sighed, going back inside.

Using one of the broken table of the Camp, he made a few improvised clubs out of the table's legs. Before he headed out, he left his guitar and his hat there.

"You're dropping the hat? I thought it looked good." The journalist said suggestively.

"And It makes me stand out like a forest fire. Good thing in New York or Vegas, not the same in a winter forest with a dangerous murderous supernatural psychopath possibly searching for us. If we get out of this alive, I'll be able to find them again."

As he got out, he tossed one of the club at the Goth girl who took it without a word. He then handed his iPhone to the Kid who looked a bit confused.

"I thought they didn't work." He commented.

"The phone doesn't but there's still a camera so film what you see. Beside you and Tess have the clothes that blend in the most and you're the lightest so you should make the least noise."

They both nodded somewhat nervously.

"What about me?" Leila asked.

"We cover their back in case he's not alone..."

"I guess that's a plan." Xavier affirmed.

"Since you'll be closer to Saruman so I'll take care of your little Token, so he won't risk giving us away" The French guy said.

The Kid shot him a thousand mile stare before finally handing him his little buddy. "If he has a scratch on him, I'll kill you..." He muttered.

From his pocket, Claude took out the protein bars he had, breaking them in halves and giving a piece to everyone, even breaking a bit for Token. "It's not much but it'll keep us alive."

They ate their meager breakfast before leaving, following Xavier's compass, all through the way, they didn't talk to be safe...

The End

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