Lelia woke up on the grungy floor in midmorning. The sun was well up but the street rat was still asleep, mostly off of his mattress. She rolls her eyes and kicks him off the mattress as she steps over him, effectively waking him. "You'd think everyone here was Sleeping Beauty," She muttered to herself.

Princess and Tophat wander in, looking disheveled and green with hangover. "Figures," she hisses under her breath. "We're basically lost and starved and they find a bottle of Captain's and go all out."

In a louder voice, she said, "Princess, Tophat. Now that you've all gotten up I'd really like to know where the hell we're going, considering we've got no food."

Street Rat's stomach rumbled loudly, as if proving her point. She gave a matter-of-fact look. 

"Well... I don't really know. We're surely being pursued, we can't just walk into the local Wal-Mart," Princess admits.

"I doubt you even know how to get out of here," Lelia hissed menacingly. 

Street Rat speaks up. "Actually, I found a compass here. It's kinda dinged but it seems to work okay."

"Alright then, I'm all for hiking to the freeway and finding a McDonalds."

For the first time that morning Tophat speaks up. His tone is annoyed and flat. "We can't just walk in there, somebody's going to be after us."

Lelia glared. "Who's to say that they know we made it off of that bus? For all they know or probably care we perished with the rest of them. All the one wanted was that stupid fcking book," she spat.

Tophat starts to argue and Princess gives him a warning look. "Fine, we'll go find food. I'm hungry anyway."

"Lead the way, Street Rat!" Lelia proclaims. They start off.

The End

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