Playing with Fire (Mature Content)Mature


Two mattresses were thrown on a dirty floor, in a tiny bedroom. The boy with the odd name, Xavier, had fallen asleep with only his head resting on one, while Leila was sprawled out on the other. Tessa pressed her palms to her eyes. She couldn't even begin to make sense of this mess. She wasn't sure how those two could possibly sleep. She walked towards the mattress where Xavier rested his head. A loose floorboard creaked under her foot. She knelt down to further investigate.

The loose board was purposely loosened because it housed a secret, in the form of hard liquor. Just looking at the bottle of Captain Morgan made her heart burn. Wasn't this a Christian camp? She smirked at that thought. She tiptoed out of the small bedroom, into the other room in the cabin. Claude was still in the den, playing with the fire.

His expression transformed when he saw the rum in her hand. “Have you been holding out on us?” He said with a cigarette poised in his mouth.

Tess shook her head. “It was under the floorboards, I don't normally do this sort of thing...”

Claude arched an eyebrow, “What, drink?”

Tess shrank down against the wall. It was cozy in here. The last time she touched captain, was the day she found out Nathan had cheated on her. Ever since then, she had played it safe with everyone and everything. A week ago Kansas seemed like a safe bet, now she wasn't so sure. Her cell phone wasn't working, nobody's was. She wondered how long it would be before they were found.

Claude, a mere stranger studied her facial expression and seemed to sense her worries. “We will figure everything out in the morning, tonight we drink,” He tossed his cigarette butt in the fire and opened the bottle of captain. She watched him take a hefty swig. Greedily, she snatched the bottle back. Playing it safe was pointless tonight.

A couple swigs later, everything was funny, Claude's accent held a certain allure, and the room began to spin. They had talked about everything and nothing. Claude was an asshole as he proudly admitted. For some reason his confession made her want to kiss him, and so she did. She leaned in and kissed a stranger, without having any guilty thoughts, without once ever thinking about the innocent people who were killed on the bus.

Claude kissed her back with a matched rigor, his tongue crept into her mouth. He tasted like rum. She ran her hands through his long tresses as he pushed her to the floor. She arched her back against him, as his hand crept under her shirt. At this point the make out session, was fueled with doubt and regret, but passionate at that. They kissed like they were the last two people left on the earth. Tess teased him by nibbling on his ear, he let out a quiet growl. The sound of his satisfaction was pleasant. Just then Tess's temple began to throb. She closed her eyes as Claude trailed shameless kisses, down her neck and into her cleavage.

A memory began to form in her head. She was back on the bus starring at the odd Kingsley as he threatened Marlin, Merlin, whatever his name was. William.....Samson.

“William Samson!” Tess moaned, as Claude's kisses became hot and unbearable.

Claude wore a smug smile on his face. “It's Claude actually, but I'll be whoever you want me to be tonight.”

The End

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